Chip Scoggins: Adrift offense is in need of an identity

  • Article by: CHIP SCOGGINS , Star Tribune
  • Updated: October 17, 2011 - 6:23 AM

Donovan McNabb doesn't deserve all the blame for the Vikings' latest failure to move the ball.

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redeemed1964Oct. 17, 11 1:17 AM

U-G-L-Y ....UGLY! The Bears D has been pretty toothless. I cant remember seeing a Viking team this pathetic. Why cant they just admit its time to blow up the ship and rebuild (the team...NOT the stadium)?

messyrabbitOct. 17, 11 1:25 AM

Yeah, blowing up the team worked so well for the Timberwolves. Pray that Percy and Adrian stick around and solve the problems around them.

RolGnavOct. 17, 11 1:30 AM

So who do you blame? With all the Offensive weapons we have, and considering McNabb wasn't that bad this game, who is to blame? Could it be the genius that called for Ponder to throw in 95% of his snaps? Was it the genius that put in Joe Webb to try to be tricky, right after McNabb got his first completion? Was it Frazier who still doesn't know that the Vikings are now 1 - 5, and GB is 6 - 0, and the Vikings aren't going to the playoffs? Maybe it was McNabb, who laid down in the endzone for a safety... who took two or three unwarranted sacks in which he could have thrown the ball away? Which coincidentally, Ponder, with 0 game experience, was smart enough to do? Maybe it's Sherels who took a fair catch at the 5, and then caught a punt at the 8 and went out of bounds... of the coaches that never told him he shouldn't do that. To me, 90% of the blame is on the coaches. Chicago adjusted their protection scheme to stop the Viking's pass rush... we did nothing different at all.

mountainrideOct. 17, 11 1:53 AM

This coaching staff is beginning to make me miss Childress! At least the previous administration SOMEWHAT worked up a passing game that allowed AD some freedom, but ironically that was my chief criticism THEN. The offensive mix and play selection now is unimaginative beyond belief. Until...and I'm tired of saying this...the Vikings find a way to a balanced offence they will be losers. And given the offensive weapons they have (excepting several large holes e.g. QB) it is a crime to waste such talent!

DennisH3Oct. 17, 11 2:16 AM

I hope we don't repeat last years Favre performance against the Packers. That was the worst I've ever seen a Qb lead the Vikings at home. Three points !!!

vor2vorOct. 17, 11 3:00 AM

No, it wasn't ALL McNabb (but, enough of it was), and at this point, he shouldn't have been the starter, anyway. Coaching is ultimately responsible, and the 'coaching' of this team - S***KS - starting with Frazier. Hey, Leslie, just EXACTLY WHAT did you do to get the team READY to play this game. It'd be laughable, if it wasn't so PATHETIC! BENCH MCNABB, START PONDER, PLAY WEBB!!! P.S. With ALL of his athleticism, and play-making potential, I doubt there's anther team in the NFL who would have Webb on the sidelines, as much as the Vikings do - but that, again, is 'coaching'.

mytonkatoysOct. 17, 11 4:01 AM

Even the announcers commented last night on McNabb's throwing mechanics as a possible reason why he is so inaccurate. I guess that little secret is out of the Minn. bottle now. Maybe the team should set aside the game films today and watch Soul Surfer instead.

rooster561Oct. 17, 11 4:50 AM

This entire coaching staff is a sham. The team is a bunch of mis-guided playes who couldn't come together with a pool full od super-glue. The Wilfs need to be the ones who pull the trigger and start scouting very seriuosly for a coach who can turn things around. Frazier is an emotionless blind man. Also you so called beat writters praised our pass rush, praised the kicking team, put down the Bears frontline. Where's your stats now after that total blow-out. You guys and the current Viking team might as well be writting fairy tales for as far as I'm concerned. One stat you should've looked at, is that the Vikes never win on Sunday night. Period.

tedsterOct. 17, 11 5:36 AM

The offensive line stinks. Our receivers stink (except Harvin maybe). No wonder McNabb is getting sacked and scrambling around. O-line that can't block and receivers that can't get open. Sure, McNabb isn't perfect, but this team doesn't give him much to work with.

tedsterOct. 17, 11 5:37 AM

Matt Forte had a good game running. Peterson, where were you????


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