Generation Me not the only loser in this recession

  • Article by: ERIC WIEFFERING , Star Tribune
  • Updated: October 12, 2011 - 9:39 PM
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sarahanneOct. 12, 11 8:54 PM

Has there been any generation who was not Generation Me?

leg620Oct. 13, 11 6:37 AM

"In the past four years, real median household income has fallen by almost 10 percent, according to an analysis by two former Census Bureau economists." If this is true, how much of it is due to inflation? As the government helicopters more and more fiat money into the economy the wage earners at the rear of the monetary queue receive weekly paychecks with the same numbers on them but able to buy fewer goods.

Mark27Oct. 13, 11 6:37 AM

The writer seems to succumb to the mindset that this is just a temporary economic downturn rather than a permanent restructuring in which the services of American workers are no longer needed in a global marketplace full of lower bidders....all so he can get a generational slap in at the latest cohort of what he clearly sees as undeserving young people. Perhaps he'll get some satisfaction out of the fact that "Generation Me" are the best to suffer from America's decline in a way that they never will experience the quality of life that he and his parents did. That'll teach them snotty kids, eh Eric? Let them eat grass!

maxthecensorOct. 13, 11 7:40 AM

Haven't seen this guy come up with anything but tired leftist complaints or solutions to anything. How about those that are benefitting (unfairly) the most sacrificing? Eric, why do you consider SS/Medicare receipients to be untouchable? Those under 50 are being ravaged in part because of intergenerational theft.

lakedoctorOct. 13, 11 8:48 AM

I've never understood why people are so worried about whether 16-19 year olds are working or not. The 16-18 year olds are, for the most part, still in high school and shouldn't have more than a PT job, if anything. Once out of high school, a large number of 18-19 year olds are going to college, trade school, etc. This group probably isn't looking to work FT either. Just goes to show that statistics really don't mean much if you don't understand where they came from.

peterschiffOct. 13, 11 9:23 AM

Eric, you don't understand...this generation isn't hoping and changing enough...they just need more magical fairy pixie dust.

bigj111Oct. 13, 11 9:30 AM

While the so-called "Generation Me" may not be the most adversely effected *financially* by the state of the economy, they are probably the least able to cope with that adversity. Add that to the list of things this generation has not been properly taught to do well: deal with adversity.

ellephOct. 13, 11 9:37 AM

@mark27 - Please don't succumb to the assumption that this is the first time in the history of America that the economy has restructured. When I came of age in the early '80s, during the last Great Recession, it was the manufacturing and farming sectors that were disappearing and those long-time workers were finding their life's work and expectations were being flushed down the toilet as the economy restructured. The 1985 movie "Roger and Me" gave a pretty stark portrait of the times, as did the 1983 song "Allentown." It was ugly. Somehow most of us survived and went on to live our lives, although perhaps with different positions in the economy than we originally envisioned. Some of us also learned from the experience of entering the job market at that time, that there was no basis for believing that good times were an entitlement and that bad times would be avoided -- times come, times go -- during the good times you prepare for the bad ones, and during the bad times you endure and make do until the good ones. It's happened before. It'll happen again. Get used to it, and you'll probably come out of it OK.

andigsOct. 13, 1110:28 AM

I graduated college a year before the great recession hit and was luckily able to get a good job. I don't think this is a permanent shift....if anything it will teach my generation to toughen up, work harder, and not look for handouts like previous generations.

duckys66Oct. 13, 1110:38 AM

Every generation right now is struggling thanks to the greed of the baby boomer generation and of the politicians they voted into office. No generation in the history of this country was given so much and asked to contribute so little. They grew up and worked most of their adult life at a time of record prosperity yet, by the time they all leave the workforce, they will have left all the subsequent generations record deficits while also putting a strain on entitlement programs that will threaten their very existence in the future. Amazing that the “Greatest” generation gave birth and raised what is the worst generation. And for the record, the writer should know that the first generation to be labeled “Generation Me” was actually the baby boomer generation in the 70’s and, just like that moniker didn’t stick (although it probably could have), the generation me label isn’t going to stick to the current generation.


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