Bucking stadium doubts, Wilf says ‘Let’s get this done’

  • Article by: MIKE KASZUBA and KEVIN DUCHSCHERE , Star Tribune staff writers
  • Updated: October 13, 2011 - 10:12 AM

The Vikings owner wants to push ahead with the Arden Hills plan. But Minneapolis sites may still be in picture, amid worries that costs could balloon.

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roundy1945Oct. 12, 1111:26 AM

Regarding the added cost for each year delayed. The Analysis is wrong. If we delay it forever, the delay will cost us nothing.

fishbachOct. 12, 1111:31 AM

I'm not interested in subsidizing seats occupied by football fans. If they like the game that much they can pay the full price of admission. Since that won't be able to afford it the over-inflated salaries of players and incomes of wealthy team owners will drop to fall in line with reasonable supply/demand economics.

johnam1Oct. 12, 1111:32 AM

Wow, can't beleive that 4 0r 5 appointed officials believe the fine people up in Ramsey county shouldn't be at they know better then anyone esle llowed to make a decision of this magnatude. That they know better then anyone else about this issue. So one must assume that for some unknown reason they want to build a stadium for the queens stadium for the VEVER DONE ANYTHING AND THEY WILL QUEENS AND THE WIFFS OF NEW JERSEY - WILL ANOTHER 5 OR BILLION TO THEIRS POCKETS - YOU MUD DUCKS ARE INCREDIABLE TO FALL FOR SCHEME.

tripleottbuckOct. 12, 1111:34 AM

A little less than $4 mill for every month you stall on passing this project...

smeeagain2Oct. 12, 1111:36 AM

The pro=-stadium minority will continue to spread lies about how much revenue they expect the stadium to generate, but the FACTS prove them wrong. This is just another rip-off of the working people and an upward aggregation of OUR MONEY into the pockets of the super-rich.

brokenglassOct. 12, 1111:36 AM

If the Vikings want to accept responsibility to pay for all remediation, road, and construction overruns, then I expect the legislature will send a bill to the governor.

clownsuitOct. 12, 1111:37 AM

Power brokers Mark Dayton, Teddy Mondale, and the Minneapolis network, by hook or crook, will get this stadium built in Minneapolis. Tony Bennett, I applaud your efforts, but you will see the machine at work, full force. He who has the gold, rules! Their arrogance, along with a lifetime of power and privilege, will get them the results they want. Count on it...

TmobioOct. 12, 1111:42 AM

Governor, Please block this project. The taxpayers of Ramsey county are being railroaded. The counties board of commissioners are own worst enemy and there's little we can do about it. They are drunk on being popular with the Vikings and basking there limelight. We need someone to speak for all the non sports fans who dont want this.

jpedersonOct. 12, 1111:47 AM

I love the "People's Stadium" reference; will there be red stars on the doors, maybe a hammer and sickle logo at midfield? No referendum, no voice for the people who will pay for this debacle, no form of democracy anywhere to be seen, so you might as well celebrate it with symbols.

wilfcharityOct. 12, 1111:54 AM

This what the "I'm am the 99%" movement is all about. Concertinaing wealth for 1% of the population. Politicians need to wake-up and see the picture. Let the Revolution Begin!


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