Voters shut out on Vikings stadium tax plan

  • Article by: KEVIN DUCHSCHERE and MIKE KASZUBA , Star Tribune staff writers
  • Updated: October 12, 2011 - 10:53 AM

But as the Ramsey County Charter Commission was deciding, the site viability was questioned by Met Council, whose report challenges costs and says the sales tax would imperil future projects.

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bassettt65Oct. 11, 11 9:40 AM

If not for the union jobs created by the construction of a new stadium, the OccupyMN people would be lambasting the idea of a new stadium at taxpayer expense. Every group has its price. Pro athletes are brats. Let them build their own stadium.

SpaceVikingOct. 11, 11 9:41 AM

Yay! We got to vote on it so that then later the powers-that-be can ignore our vote and build the stadium anyway. coughtargetfieldcough

tietacOct. 11, 11 9:45 AM

The Charter Commission will decide whether Ramsey County residents have the right to vote. Shall they also decide whether the United States Constitution is a valid document? The commission is a group of non elected people appointed by politicals. Residents, stand up for your rights!

trebuchetOct. 11, 11 9:51 AM

The Vikings have never amounted to anything. They are not know for on field excellence or class. They are known for epic on-field failure and the Love Boat, Whizzonater, DWI's, spouse abuse, head coaching ticket scalping, Artic Blast, and a litany of other nonsense that has left the state with a black eye. This is not an organization that is worthy of the hundreds of millions of dollars it seeks so it can have a grander stage to be the perpetual losers they are. Tonights event will be yet another nail in their coffin. It couldn't happen to a more fitting organization.

rkn55811Oct. 11, 11 9:52 AM

Take a look at the news coming out of Los Angeles recently if you really believe the threat to move the Vikings if Ziggy doesn't get a taxpayer financed stadium in Minnesota.

dejadoodooOct. 11, 11 9:53 AM

Read this to keep up with what's happening in Los Angeles:,0,5838238.column

heffayOct. 11, 11 9:54 AM

I can't wait to hear more of the same. No publicly funded stadium for the Vikings.

goswellOct. 11, 11 9:55 AM

This is a slippery slope. If this gets added to the ballot, you can be sure the next time the Guthrie wants money, that had better be on the ballot. In fact, whenever there is public money used for anything, it had better be on a ballot. The fact is that whenever there is money put towards something like a new football stadium or the Guthrie theater, there will always be more people against it than for it. It's a deal killer if it goes to the voters. By the way, I'm against public funding for the stadium but also against it being put on the ballot.

sawpuppetOct. 11, 11 9:56 AM

Hmmm.....why don't the Vikings owners want a vote?

krugerscottOct. 11, 11 9:58 AM

If it goes to the ballot it will be adios for the vikings.There are enough anti football people to kill this.In this time of hard econimics and anti everything there is a slim to no chance this will pass.Every city that has let it team go in the past had regreted it and fought hard to get a team back.Minnesota will learn the same lesson.The fact is a pro team is good for the economy.Many people dislike the money the players get and there is little argument from me on this point, but the fact is they will earn this money somewhere if not here probably in california.The players do pay taxes on this income here and they do spent a lot of their income here which is all good for the state..They could take a page out of the stadium the gophers built and use all products and vendors from the state of minnesota in the construction of the stadium.I personaly do not care for pro football, the players or the rich owners but I look past that and look at whats good for the state and its economy and that leads me to yes for the stadium.To take the eye sore that is the Arden Hills location and turn it into some thing that will create jobs and revenue seems like a no brainer.


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