Editorial: Seeking answers for troubling disparities

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  • Updated: October 11, 2011 - 5:06 PM

Study is call to action to reduce racial, ethnic gaps in Minneapolis.

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rudawonOct. 10, 11 7:07 PM

"Deep racial gaps persist in education, employment and income." gee - is that news? What exactly do you expect to change after we have spent 17 trillion dollars since the early 60's and have not seen any progress? Obviously, it is not working. The black family has been destroyed by liberals and no amount of money and social engineering will fix it.

bgronniOct. 10, 11 7:26 PM

We have had affirmative action in schools and jobs for decades. And there is still disparity. Why? Government job applications have seperate catagories. One for white males and then others for minorities. And those hired are from the top of EACH list. Even if the top of one list is 100th on the other. How do we make it fair? Is it fair to give jobs to people that did not earn over those that did?

bgronniOct. 10, 11 7:30 PM

One in fout Af-Am students are suspended? whose fault is this? Is it bad behavior that caused this or is it "racism"? I would bet that Af-Am kids get away with more than their white counterparts do. But the only way you find out what our schools are like is to know a teacher. Otherwise what goes on in them is never reported.

venetaOct. 10, 11 7:57 PM

Again, it all goes back to the families. We demand a license to drive, to fish, to get married, but we allow any lunatic with functioning sexual organs to have a baby. The kids are the ones who suffer, until they grow and pass their suffering on to a new generation, and to the rest of us who must constantly deal with these dysfunctional situations. We will be having this same conversation a decade from now, and a decade from then, and even a century later, until we make child-bearing a privilege rather than a "right". I'm black, but that doesn't mean I can't believe in marriage, and responsibility, and not having kids my husband and I can't afford. I also believe in parental licensure.

stfudaOct. 10, 11 8:37 PM

Simple truths, no education, then no employment, then no income. NOT rocket science.

cashncareyOct. 10, 11 9:12 PM

Good for the schools for suspending students for bad behavior. Teachers shouldn't have to put up with misbehaving brats. They are there to teach. If the students can't behave themselves, they should be shown the door.

SupervonOct. 10, 1110:07 PM

Wow. It's time to get our little Red Books out and all dress alike.

lorenpillerOct. 10, 1111:22 PM

The American Black community has gone from dysfunctional to pathological. It is time to suspend the funding for bad behavior. Back to the 1950's when a woman who was not married and had no form of income had the baby taken away by judicial proceeding. The child was placed for adoption or warehoused in an orphanage. I dare say that a child reared by Army Sergeants would perform better and behave better than the children raised by illiterate teenage girls who haven't a clue. It has been a travesty to fund such a ludicrous system.

buthead2Oct. 10, 1111:28 PM

Two words to improve educational outcomes; "parental involvement". And the best part is that it doesn't add to the budget deficit.

orpheus90Oct. 10, 1111:41 PM

rudawon writes: The black family has been destroyed by liberals and no amount of money and social engineering will fix it ... Meanwhile, Republicans continue to push for economic policies that continue to widen an ever-growing wealth disparity between rich and poor. Gosh, I wonder if that might have anything to do with the lousy economic status of minorities in the US. In fact, we know exactly what kind of social engineering is going on and we know who helms it. But republicans never hold themselves responsible for the crap they pull and the messes they make. Yet still, all they offer is the same lazy liberal scapegoating. The tread on this bald-faced lie wore thin long ago.


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