Will Great Lakes ferry clean up its act?

  • Article by: MICHAEL HAWTHORNE , Chicago Tribune
  • Updated: October 9, 2011 - 11:11 PM

SS Badger has been dumping hundreds of tons of coal ash into Lake Michigan.

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beau0090_99Oct. 9, 11 7:29 PM

Just a few pounds. 509,000, what's the difference?

SelfOct. 9, 11 8:12 PM

The owners have had more than ample time to modify, modernize, or replace this ferry. They have deliberately chosen to do nothing except seek exemptions as they dump tons of coal ash into Lake Michigan, and indeed the entire Great Lakes system. The owners have made their choice: their profit line is more important than the future of the Great Lakes eco-system. This means that the owner of the Badger, and the local politicians who blindly support his efforts to circumvent any and all environmental legislation, places his wants & desires above the lives of anyone living now or in the future in the Great Lakes watershed - both in the US & Canada. Yes, some jobs are threatened. However, Robert Manglitz - the owner of the Badger - made the choice to do nothing about this issue years ago. Manglitz could have chosen to make the capital investment to modernize the Badger at any time from 1993, when he took control of the company, to 2008, when the EPA gave him a 2012 deadline. Rather, this "job creator" had chosen to make no capital investment in his sailing stock. Instead he expects all of us to pay for his poisoning of Lake Michigan. Instead, when called to account for his actions he cries foul and threatens to take away jobs. Mr. Manglitz is a liar, and the politicians who support his position are either fools or corrupt or both. This isn't about jobs or preserving an historic vessel. This is about greed and deceit from start to finish.

SupervonOct. 9, 11 9:01 PM

Has anybody checked the rocks lining the lakes? There are rumors they are full of minerals that could damage fish. The entire lake should be lined to make certain it meets Federal standards. Remember, only Liberals know what's good for you.

corkscrewOct. 9, 11 9:05 PM

Dumping toxic garbage into the Great Lakes? I thought we were past that 19th century stuff. As with other equally sad stories, history will record that those who knew better did nothing in deference to short term profits--if there's anyone around to write it.

hermanthehunOct. 9, 11 9:44 PM

The eventual costs to clean up the mess this dinosaur is making will run into the tens of millions, if not billions. The company has had ample time to comply with the law. Shut the antique down now.

passinthruOct. 9, 1110:26 PM

Remember, only Liberals know what's good for you.

I would be more than pleased to allow you and yours to breathe and drink what comes from this ship. Enjoy your freedom!

laker4115Oct. 10, 1112:19 AM

I am a Conservative, but I agree that it is time to close this polluter down. The owners obviously don't intend to do anything to fix the problem and the whole idea of this car ferry makes little economic sense anyway. So fix the problem or close it down.

lotus65Oct. 10, 11 4:45 AM

i take the ferry about once a year, and i can tell you i don't think they're making much money! when speaking with the staff, they easily admitted business is way down due to the economy. i wonder if they can keep i biz just shipping the giant loads they stow to keep them from clogging chicago's loop.

i'm sympathetic to their plight, but i agree that they should be cleaning up. at the bare minimum, store the ash ashore... but i wonder how long it would take to off-load and would that cause a disruption in their already tight schedules.

bronco4x4Oct. 10, 11 6:37 AM

Most of you don't have enough facts to make a judgement call. This article is for sure slanted. We are always quick to eliminate other peoples jobs around here.

unclewallyOct. 10, 11 7:02 AM

The Badger is a 60 year old ship. Retrofitting it with new gas fired boilers may not be practical.


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