Tevlin: Whatever your point of view, protesters have real concerns

  • Article by: JON TEVLIN , Star Tribune
  • Updated: October 8, 2011 - 11:21 PM
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clownsuitOct. 8, 11 9:11 PM

Jon...you make some good points. And for the most part, you appear objective. But you fail to mention anything about huge government. And perhaps worse, you mention nothing about the pop culture playing a huge part in our demise. LBJ was celebrated when the Civil Rights Act started in 1965, but that also created the entitlement culture of today. It can be argued that the left has played a big part in keeping minorities down by continually taking care of them. And the media has played a large role in our downfall. The media is part of the big corporate world. You have a job, but those big investors who are consumed by greed also advertise in your newspaper. And your business section celebrates them. The PSO organizes many of these protests, financed by people in big media, higher education, and lefty causes. Many of those lefties who support them are wealthy. So in spite of making some good points about the message of the protesters, you are an integral part of the machine. Please remember that.

gravediggerOct. 8, 1110:06 PM

Thanks Jon. We need good jobs for all. Help us start by saving the St. Paul Ford Plant!

oravenOct. 9, 1112:44 AM

I can not believe the lack of coverage this story is getting Banks Wall Street big shots are all getting away with no penalties and all I here is people defending them and calling those who gather radical.. Looks to me the Star Tribune needs to do a better job covering this story. And for the politicians and bankers what we really need is a good old fashioned trial of the guilty!

sarahdanceOct. 9, 11 2:03 AM

Time and growing OccupyMN's ranks won’t make people listen. The mocking (which I condemn) won’t stop and listening won’t begin until the group offers some viable solutions.

godandgunsOct. 9, 11 2:48 AM

"It's too bad, because some of the protesters' rhetoric is too simplistic. "We are the 99 percent," they chant. Yes, the games of the 1 percent of the richest Americans did most of the damage in the economy, but some of the middle class who lived far beyond their means played a part, too." -- So, who is to blame here? The filty rich, the government, or the poor slobs protesting? This entire protest thing is giving protesting a bad name. Why are none of these protesters working? Do they not have jobs?

sbuffalo45Oct. 9, 11 4:46 AM

Hillary Clinton did her undergraduate thesis on Saul Alinsky. Barack Obama taught his tactics as a community organizer. Our leader, Mark Dayton won the democrat primary, and later, the genral election by promising to raise taxes on the rich. Now we need to take all of these good ideas and march on Wayzata, Edina, North Oaks, and all the other rich suburbs until there are no more rich in Minnesota, and everybody is equal.

jvmorrisOct. 9, 11 7:13 AM

yes this group needs to analyze deep and come up with a cause to PUSH aggressively. my vote-tax code reform which is the root cause of much of our economic woes-examples abound. the biggest problem on wall street is that the criminal element there has not been held accountable. you can't throw everyone of them in jail but surely some widespread hefty,hefty fines are in order with proceeds used to write down mortgages. so, am i in favor of protest-yes, but let's get behind an identifiable cause in large numbers-change i can believe in.

MarkGislesonOct. 9, 11 8:01 AM

To the critical commenters I would say this: in a leaderless protest, all you have to do is go down there, join the protest, and you too can talk to the media. This is your chance to make a difference. Leaving comments criticizing others won't make a difference.

hammermaOct. 9, 11 8:03 AM

Great idea Buffalo. Take the best school districts and bring them down to average.

goferfanzOct. 9, 11 8:18 AM

The general tone in the column is correct, but it is very clear that Mr Tevlin, like so many others, has NOT read Reckless Endangerment. Do yourself a big favor Mr Tevlin and read it--->I "loved" the big cake cutting party when Clinton and Gramm celebrated eviscerating oversight circa 1999, just when Fannie was knee-deep in hijinks................Fannie started the decline with its unique GSA/business political ops to expand subprime loans without oversight, and its acccounting scandals to pay huge bonuses to execs starting in the late 1990's. As well documented in the book, Wall Street merely mimicked Fannie's wayward gameplan. If you think Fannie was a govt aberration, just read the nuts and bolts on Solyndra--this IS our govt, and it is a fiscal disaster. And really "Whitney against gay marriage" is stated in this type of column-- to what end? Unbelievable. Almost makes me think Mr Tevlin doesn't want to find "the truth."


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