Terrifying ride, worker's DWI raise alarm on state care

  • Article by: BRAD SCHRADE , Star Tribune
  • Updated: October 12, 2011 - 12:37 PM

Another vulnerable adult endangered by state worker may bring changes in Department of Human Services division responsible for the care.

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mplssellOct. 8, 1111:15 PM

Drunks better do time in the pokey. Take licence away for 5 years, they can take public transit to get to work. Drunk drivers get off easy, state laws are weak as water.

kruzelcOct. 8, 1111:19 PM

So why are our tax dollars paying for drunks to drive people around? Heck, why are they paying for sober drivers to haul people around? No money, no ride. No reason to be riding around for free on my dime.

dbcarlson2Oct. 8, 1111:21 PM

Very sad story - our state's most vulnerable citizens certainly deserve much, much better. Throw the book at him!

delefoneOct. 8, 1111:39 PM

Not long ago there was an article in the paper about an auditor at the Dept of Employment and Economic Development who has a felony or misdemeanor on his record who is still working in that dept. They have access to employer records and social security numbers for most people who work in this state and other sensitive info. ....

jrspacemanOct. 8, 1111:54 PM

3 years of probation? Lock him up along with the judge who ignored the fact that this guy was responsible for other vulnerable people. And kruzelc, do you know what a vulnerable adult is?

tarmancerOct. 9, 1112:04 AM

I don't know what the starting pay is for state workers in these positions but I work for a privately owned group home and the starting wage is $8 an hour and barely a raise after a couple of years. You can't keep a good work force too long on those wages. If they want excellent care to deal with mental illness and so many other issues then they need to open their checkbooks. I often wonder why the families don't take care of their own. I know I wouldn't even consider pawning my kids off at any age. Only in extreme cases of disability do I find it acceptable. They are gonna sometimes get what they pay for.

sanborn40Oct. 9, 11 1:11 AM

This is not unusual. While I know there are many good workers who care for vulnerable adults, those with whom I have had experiences with have been less than stellar. One staff member dropped off a client at my home for a few hour visit and then refused to come and pick her up! I called the supervisor and was told that something was wrong with her car even though I was told there were supposed to be TWO staff working at the home with TWO reliable vehicles. NO ONE came to get this young vulnerable adult until the next afternoon! This happened on TWO occassions!! I called and reported this to the DHS (I had to leave a message as the person responsible wasn't in on a Sunday) NO ONE called me back to follow up! It's disgusting how these homes are run. I have a son who is a vulnerable adult and I'm terrified to let him live in places like these because the quality of the staff are so low - and these are only the stories we hear about because the caregiver got caught - just think about that for a moment....I hope the DHS finally does something about it!!

havsumteaOct. 9, 11 1:26 AM

Why would three speeding tickets matter? The issue is the guy was stopped and arrested for a DWI. Speeding tickets should be immaterial for a position even if it involves driving. Everyone gets them. Everyone speeds. Unless he got pulled over for doing 100 each time it really is irrelevant.

rafannonOct. 9, 11 3:02 AM

This is what happens when the Govt doesnt stay involved in the welfare of it's citizens. And the right doesnt want the govt involved in their lives.. maybe they would think differently if it was their parents or disabled sibling.

threed61Oct. 9, 11 5:19 AM

And state employee records are detailed and easy to access. The vast majority of vulnerable adults are in facilities that can get rid of problem employees without much documentation, and send them on to the next job. Offer mostly part time work with less desirable hours and limited or no benefits, and you get what you pay for.


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