Accountability for sex abuse at the church's highest levels

  • Article by: DAVID CLOHESSY
  • Updated: October 10, 2011 - 5:50 AM

It took a long time for victims to be heard. Now they want a reckoning.

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SupervonOct. 9, 11 9:34 PM

Hmmm. This is strange. Only the Catholic church has problems. Why only the Catholics? Oh, wait. The Catholic church has lots of money, other churches do not. So, who is the logical group for the Lawyers to go after? Aha! The people with the most money! Now, just brainwash people into believing this!

mn_cameraOct. 9, 11 9:56 PM

Still, the Catholic hierarchy wants us to turn to them for "moral" leadership on things. Irony, anyone?

PookiepayOct. 9, 1110:38 PM

Supervon, it couldn't have anything to do with the fact that the Catholic church systematically covered up abuse and moved pedophile priests to new churches where they could find fresh victims, could it? If other churches had been doing the same thing, do you really think that would not have come to light? Think about for a minute.

alansonOct. 9, 1110:48 PM

You're right to go after the individuals within the Church who have committed crimes, on either civil or criminal grounds as appropriate. This includes high ranking clergy in the Church hierarchy. The Church itself should be immune from lawsuits because of the constitutional principle of separation of church and state.

educator1Oct. 10, 11 3:58 AM

Thanks to the courage of people who have been abused, after decades (at least) the Catholic church is finally responding. Legal and financial responsibility at the highest levels are other important steps so that the chances of this horrible thing happening again in the future are substantially diminished. And no, the Catholic church and some of its priests are not the only guilty parties. Action also has been taken against others.

clnorthOct. 10, 11 6:49 AM

A perfect example. You will find a link "TiZA is gone, but lawsuit and questions remain" on this article. What? No comments? Equal opportunity.

ironwolf1950Oct. 10, 11 8:00 AM

I see how this is going: The Catholic church speaks up against same sex marriage then this paper responds not only with an editorial against the church's stand but will now follow it up with commentaries like this. Quite transparent.

swissmissOct. 10, 11 8:14 AM

alanson WRONG. Because the church systematically hid the crimes and protected the rapists, they are an accomplice to the crimes and therefore, just as responsible.

horacedjonesOct. 10, 11 8:20 AM

It requires a lot of personal courage for these victims of abuse to come forward publicly. I wish them well as they get their day in court on the international stage. As a Catholic, I am appalled of the behavior of the church and don't understand why the offenders and their complicent supervisors aren't in jail.

FrankLOct. 10, 11 8:32 AM

Supervon, I used to think like you did until our parish priest abused a child, then committed a double murder to silence people who were going to report the incident, and then committed suicide when the authorities were going to arrest him. However, the real shock was the attitude of the bishop, who felt it wasn't his problem. The parish had only one question: what are you going to do to prevent the next incident.


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