Reusse: Whistle-happy refs mar scoring display

  • Article by: PATRICK REUSSE , Star Tribune
  • Updated: October 6, 2011 - 12:29 PM

Wednesday's officiating crew took some of the fun out of a wonderful scoring display by two WNBA stars.

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drool1Oct. 6, 1112:03 AM

yeah...the refereeing was bad. but i saw it as being bad the whole game, especially in the 2nd quarter when the refs pretty much kept the lynx in the game.

gsacksOct. 6, 1112:04 AM

Has Reusse ever deigned to write about the Lynx before? And positively at that? It is a strange set of circumstances (they are the only good team in town) that has the perennial cynic writing favorably about women's pro basketball. And actually, it is a well written article and I enjoyed it. Just weird though.

millcitygalOct. 6, 1112:09 AM

Reusse has come a long way from his "tiptoed ball throwing" days. I agree--great column. The officiating was a joke. At one point I turned to my husband and said: "They wouldn't have called that foul in any of my high school games." I mean: a fingertip brush against a jersey during a three-point attempt and they put someone on the line? I felt the officials were trying to control the physicality of the game, which is borderline sexist in my opinion. They're grown-ups. They're professionals. Let them play. Very frustrating.

millcitygalOct. 6, 1112:13 AM

I do have to take issue with Patrick's closing line, calling Maya Moore a "young lady." Haven't seen him referring to Trevor Plouffe or Parmalee as "polite young gentlemen." Maya's not a prepubescent girl at charm school. She's an adult woman playing professional basketball player. Show a little respect.

Rallen1225Oct. 6, 1112:17 AM

Moore is not only "smart" and "talented", but she's a class act -- both off the floor and on. Even when she's called for an unfair foul, she keeps her cool. In fact, Lynx players don't waste a lot of time arguing poor calls; they appropriately leave that up to feisty Coach Reeve (love watching you on the sidelines, Coach!). Thanks for the spotlight on the officiating tonight: horrible is an understatement. Officiating is one aspect of the WNBA that has been noted by the relatively young League as requiring improvement. Let's hope that when the game is reviewed, special attention will be paid to the 56. "Money" (Seimone), who should have been chosen First All WNBA Team instead of Second, was an absolute force. Her unstoppable offense kept us in the game at times when play flagged. I've watched her for 12 years and this year, with fire in her belly, she's at her finest. Thanks, Lynx, for putting Game 2 away despite the obstacles.

inlandseaOct. 6, 1112:34 AM

Good column, Patrick! I'm glad that some sportswriters are piling on the bandwagon for our only pro sports champions. Wake up, Sid!

NicholleCOct. 6, 11 1:08 AM

Patrick...Welcome to the WNBA and also just an FYI the officiating SUCKS!! This has been a problem since the inception of the league. I was at a meeting a couple years ago with Donna Oreander and the only questions she refused to answer is that of the officiating. WNBA refused to sign with the NBA union officiating league and there for we are left with less than D league refs.

tafknatOct. 6, 11 1:23 AM

Pat's been on the Lynx wagon for awhile. Last week when his radio cohorts were sort of mocking the Lynx, when it was his turn he gave a detailed analysis of both the Lynx and the Mercury, and stunned the other guys. I was pretty impressed. Pat does a good job.

tafknatOct. 6, 11 1:26 AM

And I do believe the refs were trying to control a high-energy game, and they blew. I bet they hear about it. And I'm tired of Angel McCoughtry doing nothing but driving, throwing her arm out, falling, and going to the line. The first half of this game was top-level basketball. 58-50 and both teams were playing solid defense. Wow.

cjsmebyOct. 6, 11 5:20 AM

I watched the game and also had this feeling the refs wanted this to be about TYPICAL girls game of basketball vs what it should be about. Which is pysical play to estabilish control in the paint. The women at this level of B-ball are not about soft bunnys and cute puppies, they lift weights, run hard, spend hours on the court to take a bump or two. So the refs should let them play, and i for one thinks its great, how our links play with passion and energy even when down. And MYA jumping around on the bench showed the youthful side of the team and yet the BE CALM of MOMMA lynx(name escaped me with the sprained knee) my point is each feeds of each other-- so let em play refs-- and win it in ATLANTA, i am saving my gas money SO I CAN DRIVE DOWN TO meet you ladies at the airport!!! GO LYNX GO


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