Lakeville teachers cut back on extras to make a point

  • Article by: SARAH LEMAGIE , Star Tribune
  • Updated: October 8, 2011 - 7:26 PM

While negotiating a contract, teachers are declining to write recommendation letters or help with some activities, among other union-requested moves.

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sutpenOct. 9, 1112:47 AM

The refusal of the teachers to write letters of recommendation for college-bound seniors puts the lie to any claims by teachers that they teach "for the kids." With unionized teachers, it is never about the students, or about good education. It is always about money, and if the interests of the students have to be laid on the altar to secure continued "Cadillac" wages, benefits, and pensions, teachers are more than happy to do so. Only with union members is this particular stripe of shamelessness seen. Only a union teacher could be crooked enough to justify using students' futures as bargaining chips in a contract negotiation.

lsaathoffOct. 9, 1110:58 AM

Agreed. Unions are an outdated concept for professionals. The teachers union has never been about education, it's always been about compensation. These tired tactics will backfire in a climate that does not appreciate union power games.

thebigsOct. 9, 1111:16 AM

Looks like the unions are showing their true colors once again. "But its for the kids"...what a load of crap

annalisa68Oct. 9, 1111:33 AM

Exactly how is punishing graduating students going to help with contract negotiations? Great teaching moment for young adults getting ready to start their adult lives. HS Seniors remeber this when voting next November in the election '12.... especially if there is a school district levy.

GumpWOct. 9, 1112:17 PM

No surprise the the anti-public education talking points are posted so quickly. I wonder how many of you are Lakeville residents? As a taxpayer and parent I have ZERO problem with the teaching staff making this decision. We just went through a year where the former superintendent rammed through a $15 million dollar reduction that resulted in the elimination of 85 teachers, high school class sizes moving into the upper 30's/low 40's, and insane fee increases without eliminating one single administrator at either the building or district office level. In addition, the school board wrote him a check for $361,000 as a parting gift...AND I'm told my some that there are more cuts to come in the next biennium. I've been very happy with the teachers my children have had in this district, less so with the administration and board for their self-serving decisions. If this tactic gets parents calling the board/superintendent and then gets both sides to the table and reach a settlement that's fair to both sides then so be it.

oglethorpieOct. 9, 11 4:13 PM

When teachers ask why they get no respect as professionals, this is the reason why. Their union wants us to treat them as blue-collar factory workers so that's how they'll be treated.

chuckdancerOct. 9, 11 4:32 PM

I guess that people are unable to understand what was in this article. It says that the people paid to teach are completely fulfilling their job duties and educating these children in the best manner available with the resources at their disposal. It says that the people that are paid to teach are not donating or volunteering extra time for which they are not compensated. I am trying to think of another group of professionals that are required to volunteer or donate their time by the community. I cann't think of another group. I especially cann't think of any people that are routinely disparaged and criticized that would ignore that fact and still be willing to volunteer and donate their time to those that hate them. Pretty silly to think the community can have it both ways.

yvonne7Oct. 9, 11 9:07 PM

To chuckdancer can I just say as a nurse this happens to us all the time we have to volunteer and give time unpaid and underpaid and understaffed everyday. However let me just say if I ever let one of my patients down the way these teachers are letting these kids down by not by not writing a letter of recommendation I might be called cruel, lazy, and probably told not to come back to work. Sometimes your job requires and extra step that you don't always get paid for. Listen teachers would you want me to walk past if you needed CPR on the street because I am not on the clock or under my contract. This makes me so angry as a parent these teaches need to grow up and realizes who else gets to work 6-7 hours a day with several prep hours and an hour lunch 2 week for Christmas and as least 2 days to a week for every other holiday. They work 7 months out of the year and make as much as I do. Only I work 12 months out of the year holidays weekends mandatory overtime and short staffed is a daily thing. Smaller class rooms yes but don't ask for more money or better benefits cause you already have it. We are all suffering and taking a cuts. I am so tired of you being on a pedestal you are no better then the rest of us. PS I believe the children deserve the best teachers unions are not that. Visit a private school!!!

dahouseOct. 9, 11 9:47 PM

Hard to say it's for the kids when the first thing that you stop doing is something that has such a huge impact on them. Why not just strike but continue to do the "extras" that teachers are not paid for such as write recommendation letters. To me that would show me what is important and what is not.

chuckdancerOct. 9, 11 9:53 PM

yvonne7, if teachers have it so good and it is such a cushy job, maybe you should become a teacher. Why on earth are you suffering your current fate when you could easily get a pay raise, all that time off and the benefits of being on a pedestal. A little jealous are you?


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