Souhan: Lynx give suffering fans at least 23 reasons to cheer

  • Article by: JIM SOUHAN , Star Tribune
  • Updated: October 10, 2011 - 1:27 PM

Following Minnesota's pro and major college sports teams hasn't been all that fun. But the Lynx have changed that, and here is why.

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highlandbillOct. 4, 11 9:06 PM

Im sorry,I would rather watch paint dry then watch womens basketball

grouch57Oct. 4, 11 9:24 PM

Three reasons to take this column with a grain of salt: 1) Souhan is obviously turning into Reusse; increasingly, his columns are "blame the stupid fan" exercises; 2) Souhan, like the fans he berates, has been largely missing in action this season, in terms of Lynx columns; 3) If you are blaming Berrian for his rotten play, fine; if you are blaming him for the Twitter incident, stop it. He did nothing wrong. One reason to be a Lynx fan that Souhan forgot to mention -- have you seen the pics of Wiggins on her Facebook page? Wow.

wmturcotteOct. 4, 11 9:30 PM

Amazing what winning does.

TooteeOct. 4, 11 9:34 PM

Just once can we have an article about women's bball or the Lynx and NOT have the same ol' same ol' 2-3 negative commenters? I'll never understand how people seek out articles to comment on when the comment they want to make is how much they dislike or discount it. If you don't like it then why are you reading the article and then going out of your way to comment? Such an oxymoron and the epitomy of the naysayers the article itself describes!

mrteethOct. 4, 1110:25 PM

I hate to tell you people this, but most fans don't care about the Lynx no matter how much they are shoved down our throats. I can only take so much of Lindsey Whalen interviews on KFAN during one week. They are in the finals and nobody gives a rat's behind about this team. Basketball owners are willing to suspend the whole NBA season. One of the reason is that they are losing money. Well why are you subsidizing a money losing entity like the WNBA? Please explain.

apenderOct. 4, 1110:50 PM

The three of you "negators" have obviously never watched them play. It's good ball. go watch that paint dry lardbutt... mrteeth..who's subsidizing what? If you were going to a game then you are...but I don't think you're Glen Taylor, and glen's asking for what

TooteeOct. 4, 1110:51 PM

@ mrteeth: how is the press coverage any different than the Vikings or Twins constantly being shoved down people's throats all year long? And as for the NBA "subsidizing" the WNBA, they're barely a drop in the bucket cost-wise compared to NBA player salaries (which is the real issue of the lockout not the WNBA). Get off your high horse...

CoynerOct. 4, 1111:14 PM

Sometimes you just have to read carefully to understand these brilliant naysayers. Actually, it sounds like highlandbill wants to watch the Lynx. Just not right away. He plans to watch paint dry. And then catch some women's hoops. Meanwhile, mrteeth can't take another Lindsey Whalen interview. I can't either. I'd much rather hear from Lindsay Whalen.

youknowit123Oct. 4, 1111:19 PM

Sou - most of them were good except #23, that one sucks. MN owns wi in all aspects of life, socially, economically, spiritually, and normally. wi stinks

jodaman01Oct. 4, 1111:40 PM

I have season tickets to the Wolves, yes I admitted it (that's the first step in the overcomming an unhealthy addiction). I went to the Lynx on Sunday and it was fun. It was a great atmosphere and the crowd was genuinely into it. No one should have to write an article saying these women can play, they have more than validated that over and over again through high school, college and now the pros. To keep saying it to some is just worthless, they just aren't into it - that's OK. It's fun because they actually run and execute plays on offense and defense, and it's not just some guy trying to hot dog and score 60 points while his teamates watch on in disgust. Hopefully Adleman or Taylor gets the Wolves to watch these games and they learn something about how to play team basketball and winning. GO LYNX!


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