Kill maintaining perspective after lopsided loss

  • Article by: PHIL MILLER , Star Tribune
  • Updated: October 3, 2011 - 6:35 AM

The coach, while not happy with the shellacking his team took against Michigan, is happy to be back on the sidelines and no longer in the hospital.

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bchamberlinOct. 2, 11 9:16 PM

Please coach Kill, you seem like a great guy, please resign citing health reasons. You are clearly not going to turn the program around and the U of M cannot afford another expensive buy out. I know you're not a quitter but it's best for everyone. Please do the right thing.

pengycvbOct. 2, 11 9:22 PM

Kill and his staff have an easier time staying positive than the gopher fans do. Since, he has been through this 4 times before and each time he has come out on the other side with successful programs. He knows with time he will get it done here too. Gopher fans in the last 40 years have never experienced the "other" side and want results instantly. I think given 3-4 years Kill can give us a successful program.

tbdbitl7881Oct. 2, 11 9:24 PM

Coach, I'm sure you can turn this program around; I watched it at NIU. I am concerned, though, that you said you didn't see this beat-down coming. Not sharing that expectation with your players is one thing, but not seeing it -- that's something else again. In any case, there is some kind of talent to be found on this team, and I know you can find it.

Daniel888Oct. 2, 11 9:34 PM

Anyone questioning Coach Kills' coaching ability does not understand the reality of the situation. Coach Kill came here with his eyes wide open. He didn't come to Minnesota bragging about winning the championship the first year. If you remember or look back, when he had his first few practices with this team he realized that they were lacking for athletic talent and that it would take some time to re-build this team. Kill is responding the way any good coach would to the shellacking put on by Michigan, he is staying level-headed and grounded. The Gophers were going after Brady Hoke to be the next coach but he saw the difference in talent and tradition and didn't think twice about going to Michigan instead of Minnesota. Coach Kill has a much bigger job to do here, he had to re-build the whole program and mind-set. He is the man for the job.

eesix1Oct. 2, 11 9:49 PM

this new coach just "killed" our chance for a rosebowl berth this year

ralph6767Oct. 2, 11 9:56 PM

Daniel888 said it all. To say this team does not have much talent would be an understatement. No coach would win with these players. Nobody. Give him time to recruit real players and the Gophers will improve. He's done it elsewhere and I believe he'll do it here, too. You cannot rebuild a program in one year.

stuckincheesOct. 2, 1110:03 PM

Fans also realize that Coach Kill needs some help in turning the program around. He needs a new AD, he needs the President to fund the football program properly. He needs the Board of Regents to do their part. The Alumni needs to help as well. They do not have a program - when the AD is quoted saying "you have to be realistic its Minnesota" Bruinink should have fired him on the spot for that comment. But he was part of the problem. Good luck college football is better than the NFL. I wish Minnesota had a decent program.

zoilovOct. 2, 1110:16 PM

The fact that Kill labels the current players as being below average athletes makes them play like below average athletes. A good coach gets the most out of the talent that is there, and as it looks, Kill isn't doing it. He keeps telling the media and the players are playing like he tells it. Kill was a bad hire! These players think they're losers because the coach believes they're losers!

gogophersgo1Oct. 2, 1110:32 PM

Minnesota fans are so funny. First you don't like the guy who put a smile on everything. Now you don't like the guy who tells you the truth. Kill's got a good a shot as anyone to turn things around. So have some patience. I'd be far more likely to be screaming about the Twins and Vikes than I would about the Gophers, and you won't meet someone who wants Gopher football to be more successful than me. But except in rare cases like Russell Wilson, there's no free agency in college (and don't get me started on that, because I don't like that whole situation one bit, despite the fact he seems like a good kid). It takes time to remake a team. Go yell at the pros in this town who suck and the GMs/personnel guys who can actually make instant changes before you start going after Kill. It's a much better use of your time, and it's actually logical.

gowildcatsOct. 2, 1110:51 PM

How can you blame Kill - the guy is in way over this head! Blame a pathetic athletic dept run by a another old, out of touch athletic director who is also in way over his head! Move into the 21st Century Minnesota!


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