Nystrom offers an apology and comes to own defense

  • Article by: MICHAEL RUSSO , Star Tribune
  • Updated: October 1, 2011 - 8:33 PM

The Wild forward feels horrible he caused Taylor Fedun to break his femur, but it looks as if the NHL won't take action.

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northsportsOct. 1, 1110:07 PM

Nystrom is an honest hardworking player and in this case it is the rule that needs to be changed not the way EN plays. Bad deal !

bhrnew1lOct. 1, 1110:12 PM

How many other players have caused an other player to get hurt since the new ruling took effect after the Kurtis Foster incident reckon ? Guessing Nystrom is the only one, he was reckless so he should be in line for one of those Shanahan explanations that are priceless. Based on these facts Mister Know it all calls for a one game suspension just to get Mister Nystrom some time to think about his actions, otherwise some other player will see what he got away with. This will be no penalty for Wild fans as we don't have to watch Sawbit nor Nystrom on opening day as I would rather watch Nordy on the jumbotron then to watch either of those two fellows play one shift

bhrnew1lOct. 1, 1111:35 PM

April24, I always thought of you being a fan reckon ? Simply put this is the first incident that has occurred since the Kurtis Foster Incident, serious injury happened. Zdeno Chara was very sorry as well last year when he took the hab into the turnbuckle. The question is would Shannahan suspend Chara after all Chara claimed it was an accident right ? and Nystrom is claiming this was an accident ? Chara was known to be fencing with this player in previous games, I am guessing if it can be proven that that Nystrom was Fencing with the player at the time he got hurt it will equal the 1 game suspension reckon April 24 .

hoimangggOct. 2, 11 1:12 AM

Wouldn't most people take their chances getting hurt like this when making hundreds of thousands of dollars a year playing a game that they're good at? This is pro sports, folks. These people play in our dreams and get paid to do it. It doesn't seem unreasonable that one should expect some risks with such high rewards. Accidents happen. Clearly this wasn't intentional. He broke his leg. So did E.J. Henderson. All of a sudden people can't break legs once in a while playing hockey or football? Come on...

voner26Oct. 2, 11 6:02 AM

When is the NHL going to change the rule? After someone is permanetly paralyzed or loses their life over this dangerous practice. It does nothing to enhance the game, but rather continually puts players in jeopardy of career ending injuries.

racer11Oct. 2, 11 8:55 AM

Change the rule; once the official's arm goes up they are indicating an infraction has already occured, so why not just blow the whistle. Also, the time wasted waiting for the puck to be touched could easily add up to another minute or two of actual playing time in the game.

simplyhockeyOct. 2, 11 8:56 AM

Two comments, change the rule and get off his back for earning his paycheck by hustling. We could only wish that Mauer tried this hard.

grayzlyOct. 2, 1110:03 AM

I agree with the 11 car,the dangers of this play FAR outway the benefits-the problem is that the NHL is run by the old guard types,who kick and scream at any type of change.I heard that worldwide,the NHL is the only league that has not adopted no-touch icing.

bryologyOct. 2, 1110:27 AM

Unfortunate for Fedun and Mr Nystrom. Nystrom is an all around class act.

mn218puckfanOct. 2, 1110:40 AM

Why doesn't the NHL go to Hybrid Icing? It's made the college game better. I wish Hybrid Icing was played at high school level also. You still have the race to negate the icings, just less chance for injuries.


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