Whistleblower: Homeowners pick up the tab

  • Article by: MARY LYNN SMITH , Star Tribune
  • Updated: October 2, 2011 - 7:53 AM

A White Bear Township couple say it's unfair that they are legally bound to cover a homeowner association's losses from foreclosures, delinquent dues and other expenses.

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josh138Oct. 1, 11 9:27 PM

that's what you get for belonging to one those idiotic organizations.

VAfromMNOct. 1, 1110:02 PM

There has to be a means to dissolve the HOA. I suspect if a majority of the homeowners vote to shut it down, it's gone!

mno0624Oct. 1, 1110:41 PM

Bad sitauation. She should just walk away as obviously others have done.

mglovettOct. 1, 1111:36 PM

If you get rid of the organization who will co-ordinate lawn care, snow removal, hazard insurance, etc.? Many of the expenses are fixed regardless of how many units are occupied and paying, so as units vacate the amount paid by those remaining has to go up. Everyone could cut their own grass and shovel their walks but think what the foreclosed units lawns would look like.

loveylou1947Oct. 2, 1112:32 AM

mglovett, give me a break, those that can't do their own yards and sidewalks could hire someone for a lot less then a association! I think associations are a joke, they all but tell you what underwear to wear on which day! I really don't understand why people get into them!!

halfabubbleOct. 2, 1112:43 AM

A) HOA can force someone into foreclosure to recover past due association fees, it is not a difficult process. B) The fact that the association board had to assess six months of association fees to all of the home owners tells me they have mismanaged their responsibilities, i.e. not a sufficient enough reserve for doubtful accounts (to cover discharges in personal bankruptcies) and not assessing an appropriate association fee to cover all expenses. C) To me, $114 in monthly association fees seem extremely low. I can not see how they're covering all the costs of the association, it would be high time to have an audit done. I would be seriously concerned about that association's ability to remain a going concern. D) Low association fees while they look good on paper, are not necessarily a sign of a fiscally healthy association. E) As far as I know, what they are doing is legal, and likely necessary to keep the association afloat.

go25or624Oct. 2, 11 1:34 AM

A town home has to be the worst real estate investment ever. If you like to live in something like that, you're better off renting one.

pasaraOct. 2, 11 5:38 AM

Forgive my ignorance about homeowners' associations, since I have never participated in one, I don't really understand how they work, but it seems if a home is foreclosed upon, it then belongs to a bank, so why does the bank not have to pay as the owner of the unit?

ldahlkeOct. 2, 11 6:49 AM

HOA's, Just another level of a governing body that is not needed but those bad at math flock to them.

nitewindOct. 2, 11 8:02 AM

Don't ever belong to an association, especially Cities Management. They are the worst!


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