Minnesota Guard on the last deployment to Iraq

  • Article by: MARK BRUNSWICK , Star Tribune
  • Updated: October 1, 2011 - 12:05 AM

As a nation celebrates more troops coming home, one family quietly faces a new deployment.

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atazyawSep. 30, 1111:33 PM

God speed, Red Bulls. You have been asked to sacrifice too much.

belascoOct. 1, 1112:04 AM

How so, atazyaw? Last I checked, military service was optional, and the Oath makes it pretty clear what sacrifice is required. Don't you agree Iraqi freedom is worth American lives?

nbrezinaOct. 1, 1112:36 AM

Great story, makes me miss my fiancee even more. The 1BCT and the MNARNG in general has done a superb job in previous and current deployments. God speed boys, can't wait to welcome you home come summer.

hobie2Oct. 1, 11 2:06 AM

belasco - I'm a marine combat vet, and I'm with you on this - service is optional and no one asked him or anyone else to sacrifice - he and everyone in his unit volunteered and they take their signing bonuses and full ride college benefits without batting an eye.... Not only that, he volunteered to go at the end of his hitch without asking his wife, and he has two small kids and one due in a couple months. That does not sound like a hero who does his duty to his home and country and protects his own - it sounds more like an irresponsible boy playing soldier... And -- just because you wear camo in an airport or push paper in a war zone doesn't mean you are a hero, people - to call everyone in a uniform a hero demeans all the people left behind who served for cause rather than money.... I have no idea who came up with this "hero" noise over uniforms, but it sure wasn't a vet who saw fellow GIs or grunts die. Don't demean those who didn't come back by tossing the word "hero" around like so much warm fuzzy.

suncopilotOct. 1, 11 2:06 AM

God speed to this family and all that are serving. belasco, yes service is optional, but he and his family stepped up to the plate. Where are you??? Thats all I have to say, where are you??? I guess your contribution to this world is to make a condesending comment about a hero family. WOW you earned my respect....NOT.......

jrolsonOct. 1, 11 4:48 AM

Best wishes to the Pohlman family.

rtaylor101Oct. 1, 11 5:07 AM

belasco: NO!!!

jimmyjames76Oct. 1, 11 7:03 AM

It's funny how pre-2008 conservatives were calling anyone that even mentioned bringing troops home cowards, and accused them of wanted to cut and run. Now that Obama is president, conservatives say he's responsible for killing our troops and they should be brought home. The hypocricy has no limit. BTW, I thought we should bring them home then, and I think we should bring them home now.

scottfinkOct. 1, 11 7:03 AM

Hobie maybe you need to calm down a little bit. Yea the benifits of serving are pretty sweet but lets not forget only about 1 percent of Americans are willing to step forward and put the uniform on. These guys are sacrificing a year of there lives that they will not get back. What is the value of one year of your life? It's pretty sad to see a fellow vet critisizing those currently serving. No actually its downright pathetic.

karendavid816Oct. 1, 11 7:14 AM

Is it honest for the Administration (and Strib) to say all troops will be out by the end of the year when this group will be there until next May to assist?


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