Final score in the Twins blame game: 99 losses means many had a role

  • Article by: PATRICK REUSSE , Star Tribune
  • Updated: September 29, 2011 - 12:32 AM

Who gets the blame for the Twins' 2011 mess? Glad you asked.

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ande8502Sep. 28, 1110:27 PM

I think Capps is solely responsible for at least 5 more losses than you gave him credit for.

migekiSep. 28, 1110:38 PM

Does Gaedenhire have the kahonas to call out his stars if needed? He didn't this year- he better next year or Im betting he'll be coaching elsewhere. Mauer's only hope is that he's shamed into leading this team... If what is reported here is accurate- we wasted 100mil plus If he doesn't change his ways. The Capps trade was the moment I knew for sure Bill Smith isn't ready for this job. Can TR help anymore? The minors do look empty. Dark clouds above, ahead and over the horizon. Bring Andy McPhail back! What's it going to take? MnM producing 80% of their best years. Liriano, Blackburn, Pavano producing quality starts regularly. Upgrade the bull pen, find a SS, sign Cuddy and Kubel. Doesn't look good. At least we have the Vikes and Gophers!!

saklbrySep. 28, 1110:38 PM

Reusse is right again! LOL Twins stink, M&M boys need to start getting ready for next year NOW. If they play 90% of the season, we win division again. Nuff said.

jackstpaul3Sep. 28, 1110:42 PM

Ridiculous. Mauer missed a lot of the season for reasons beyond his control. You can't blame losses on him when he was out with injury or sick. 20% of losses? Please. You resort to rumors and innuendo to excessively slam Mauer. How about blaming the Twins for playing both M&M when they weren't ready, thus making them physically worse off, missing more games in the long run? Blame NPL? Cute. Why not just be straight and say Nishi? But the buck stops with the GM. He's responsible for the players that were available. He's responsible overall--along with Gardy--far more than any 1 player. You can do with 1 having a bad season given that there are 8 others out there. Smith made multiple big mistakes. He got Nishi who shouldn't have been signed, and should've been sent to Rochester long, long ago. That was a waste of 1 starter for a lot of the season. Many minor-leaguers could've done better than he did. No blame on Morneau?

JFREDPETESep. 28, 1110:44 PM

Spot on Pat. Until the M and M boys contribute to this team in proportion to what they get paid, this team is doomed to repeat this disatrous season.

lcsewallSep. 28, 1110:53 PM

Smith is responsible for more than 18 losses. Just think of the guys he gave away & see how they did elsewhere. Plus the lame replacements he brought in. They need much more than the M & M boys to get on track.

kesummSep. 28, 1111:10 PM

Let Joe have it Pat. He is the boy in the bubble with his completely clueless quote about no one in the clubhouse questioning his toughness. Good old TK would never have allowed this debacle to occur. If nothing else, Gladden would have punched him out in his front yard.

brotherandreSep. 28, 1111:27 PM

The time is now for the roster to be stripped down and rebuilt. September call-up showed that there is some talent that can be developed among the position players. Pitching remains woefully thin. Try to move Kubel and Cuddyer for prospects. Make Parmalee an everyday player. Mauer isn't going anywhere but put him on a short leash. Counsel Morneau about his health. Work on fielding and situational strategy in spring training.

BallFourSep. 28, 1111:29 PM

Pretty well nailed it.

marshland23Sep. 28, 1111:31 PM

The Capps trade did not just cost the Twins a good catcher it also cost Capps salary of over 7 million dollars that could of been used to re-sign both Crain and Guerrier. The bullpen would of been much better this year if that trade had never of been made.


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