Top political strategist for Obama acknowledges 'titanic struggle' for his re-election

  • Article by: STEVE PEOPLES , Associated Press
  • Updated: September 27, 2011 - 8:35 PM
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spendnowSep. 27, 1110:07 AM

Dave, Have things improved since your guy took office? No. You still blame everyone but your own administration. The policies have been implemented, and have failed. Your next suggestion is to try the same strategy over and hope for different results. The only thing you did right at this engagement was to include Obama's name and the Titanic reference. That is very fitting.

nortcydSep. 27, 1110:23 AM

A struggle is stating it lightly. Better get the "Democratic Machine" fired up!!! Obama is 1 and done.

spendnowSep. 27, 1110:23 AM

If you look past the guy waving the white flag, you can see the other guy playing taps.

mackroeSep. 27, 1110:57 AM

If by Titanic he means that Obama is going to ultimately sink this country, I agree.

usafnodakSep. 27, 1111:03 AM

If he was the captain of the Titanic, after he hit the iceberg, would he have told the passengers to; "Quit cryin'. Stop complainin'. Take off you bedroom slippers. Put on your swim fins. We got lots of swimmin' upstream to do"?

smortensenSep. 27, 1111:11 AM

Where did the "socialist" go wrong? Was it he embraced too much "socialism" too soon? Yeah by locking out single payer (literally) embracing the corporate give away Romneycare and giving it to everyone? Not hardly. Oh, by extending the Bush tax cuts and calling for even more tax cuts? Nope not even close to "socialism". By letting the preditory capitalists continue to run the economy anyway they want for his entire term? Not even remotely close to hated "socialism". So, where's all the freakin socialism? Yet, all the tea party deathmarchers keep calling republican light Obama a "socialist" You know, Obama's real problem is he has aliented the real "socialists" or at least what passes for a "socialist" these days as in Limbaugh world, anybody left of Atilla the Hun is a "socialist" aka. "Liberals" "Progressives" President Obama has spent three years placating republicans and all he ever got from it was being called a "socialist" Now, he's back talking a good progressive game with hopes of re-energizing his base. Maybe it is a little too late? Maybe he should have actually been more progressive and then they would be calling him a "socialist" and it actually would mean something? Obama's lucky though as he's facing such a weak field of contenders with exactly NO answers except going back and doing the same things that got us here...ewe boy.

koold56Sep. 27, 1111:15 AM

Bring Gibbs back the Minister of Obamite Propaganda. That should help. Just a suggestion.

rayoflightSep. 27, 1111:16 AM

A competent spokesperson would have said Lincolnesque sized struggle. Don't start off saying you are going to sink!!

pitythefoolsSep. 27, 1111:29 AM

Apt comparison. The ship thought unsinkable about to ram into the immovable Republicans. Which caused the casualties, the ship, or the iceberg?

roadtoruinSep. 27, 1111:30 AM

A "titanic struggle". I would say his odds of surviving are about equal to Leonardo's character, Jack.


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