New Minneapolis cameras make thugs go elsewhere

  • Article by: MATT McKINNEY , Star Tribune
  • Updated: September 26, 2011 - 2:27 PM

Minneapolis residents and police say the mobile units can help deal with problem spots.

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nature50Sep. 25, 11 9:58 PM

East Saint Paul definitely needs these cameras for the riff raf!Saint Paul is not the most liveable City as they advertise.

kasjogrenSep. 25, 11 9:58 PM

They put one of these up after a rash of breakins and fights and POOF, all gone. I love these things. If it was the British CCTV police state it would bother me but these are put in for a specific reason in specific areas and work great.

eberg1Sep. 25, 1110:08 PM

More of these units, please.

rayrlewisSep. 25, 1110:39 PM

Can the video be streamed over the Internet so members of the public can also watch the feed and help monitor what is happening? After all, this is public money used in public spaces for public safety!

sevnofnynSep. 25, 1111:12 PM

These video feeds should be made available to the public on the internet so that if there is not staff resources to view the video, the community can. If you thought your mother could be watching you, you probably would not commit the crime. My close friend was attacked this summer on the Midtown Greenway and had his bike stolen (he was pushed off it while riding, the criminals did give him his phone back though after they realized it was not worth anything with a cracked screen). There are cameras all over down there, yet the letter he got from the police was that there was not enough evidence to warrant further investigation. I wonder if they even checked the video feed. Anyway, great idea if used properly.

mcjoe1Sep. 25, 1111:18 PM

Sounds like a great plan to me. Criminals learn pretty quick not to do anything stupid when they find out they're being recorded. If they had more cameras at major intersections, I'm pretty sure we'd see an uptick in convictions and reduction in crime.

brokenglassSep. 25, 1111:24 PM

If the city could get $29,000 for each of those water fountains for which they paid $50,000, they could get even more of these cameras.

murielpuceSep. 25, 1111:57 PM

The cameras seem to be pointing away from the hitch area. I wonder how many of these get towed away by Toughs with a sense of humor?

perronjpSep. 26, 11 4:05 AM

Re: " If they had more cameras at major intersections, I'm pretty sure we'd see an uptick in convictions and reduction in crime." - I am kind of perplexed. On the one hand I have no sympathy for the punks. On the other we have had those cameras at intersections to catch people who break the law and run red lights. I think that was stopped because of issues with the State constitution plus some of the people getting caught had a dollar or two and raised heck. Then the Patriot Act was fought hard because phone conversations were monitored, usually overseas calls to places in the Mid-East, with software that was designed to catch words like "jihad" and such. Can't have that, our rights as American citizens are being trampled we were told. Now the government is parking a camera outside of peoples houses and everything is hunky-dory. The article is quick to point out that it is a legal practice, but things change. Some punk will get busted in North Mpls. with this thing and the next thing you know Spike Moss will be on TV saying that there is racial profiling here, and want to know if the cameras are being used in the Kendon neighborhood too.

josh138Sep. 26, 11 4:53 AM

horrible idea.


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