In death, fired nurse aids rights of workers

  • Article by: DAN BROWNING and PAUL McENROE , Star Tribune
  • Updated: September 23, 2011 - 11:13 AM

Under court decree, firm that let her go must pay, institute training.

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dataminerSep. 22, 11 7:56 PM

I guess this is the kind of "regulation" Republicans think is at the root of high unemployment. As if having laws that protect jobs creates unemployment. Unemployment is really caused by the lack of demand caused by a lack of employment which is caused by the excessive greed and stupidity of employers who send jobs overseas (or just fire people rather than make legal accommodation for disabilities) all to boost the bottom line.

sundooberSep. 22, 11 8:53 PM

Let's not forget that this employee (i.e. very expensive risk) was a possible drain on company resources. Businesses do not want to have high-risk employees on their insurance plans for the simple cost ratio. Why do you think they let older people, or people with families go first during lay-offs? Who's going to cost more?

mnmaggiemnSep. 22, 11 8:57 PM

Sad story. I am glad they had to pay out. This beautiful little girl is now an orphan I hope she grows up happy healthy and in a loving home. RIP

rentacopSep. 22, 11 9:21 PM

There is no society that should in good conscience allow this to happen. Making money should never be more important that human life.

kitchensueSep. 22, 1110:10 PM

she was an asset for many years, a liability for only a few months, she made this company money for a long time and was thanked by not even returning her phone calls. at some point employees become inhuman to these greedy companies.

kojack45Sep. 22, 1110:22 PM

How does such a small amount of money the HI giant has to pay out going to teach them a lesson. They will only find a better way to cover their behinders when something like this happens again.

chuckdancerSep. 22, 1110:49 PM

Only because she was covered under one of the very few areas that an at will employee has that prevents an employer from terminating at will for any reason or no reason is her orphaned daughter receiving anything.

akmscottSep. 22, 1110:52 PM

If the employee is too sick to perform the job they were hired for-then they should be let go!PC is getting redicules!

pdt233Sep. 22, 1111:17 PM

I have an interesting story. I had state funded health care because my income was low enough to qualify for state health insurance. I lost my health care win Gov. T-paw balanced the MN state budget on the backs of the working poor. I am working I drive a van. It requires a DOT physical. I have type II diabetes. So I'm required to get yearly physicals. When I knew I'd be dropped from the state health plan I stopped taking my medications. I knew the prescriptions would run out before my next exam. I wanted to have my meds so I could pass my DOT physical so I could work another year. My employer's DOT provider was changed so my medical history was unavailable. I could only get a 3 month extension. My employer agreed to pay the extra costs for me to get my next exam from the company that had been my previous health care provider. It required a note from that Doctor. He said he'd give it if I had 2 tests done for $180. They did 3 at $220. He extended my prescriptions for an extra 3 months. I passed the 1 year DOT Physical My employer reneged on paying for the required DOT Physical. The Doctor refused to write more prescriptions that ran out in June. There is only one par rate of $9.25 hr. It has not increased in over 8 years. We are not allowed to work full time or we would qualify for the health insurance that the manager gets. Next April I will lose my job. I will not be able to pass the DOT physical. No one will send a check to my survivors for $160,000. But I figure I might rate a cheer at a GOP debate from some hateful T-bagger!

bippy742Sep. 23, 11 1:05 AM

akmscott, in this case the employee was able to come back to work. Sounds like the employer wasn't even considering it. You might have a different song to sing if you get cancer.


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