Minneapolis wants $30 million if Metrodome sold

  • Article by: MIKE KASZUBA and ROCHELLE OLSON , Star Tribune
  • Updated: September 22, 2011 - 12:37 PM

Mayor Rybak says the money "does not belong to someone trying to move a business out of our city."

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mplspoliticoSep. 22, 1112:06 AM

I have a question--who would buy the metrodome? I thought it was not possible to operate it without a major tenant like the vikings? So is it going go sit idly by for years until it's torn down?

runcklSep. 22, 1112:10 AM

What did the Silverdome in Pontiac, Michigan sell for? It sold for $583,000. http://money.cnn.com/2009/11/17/news/economy/silverdome_buyer/ I question if any buyer would even pay $30,000,000 for our old dome in this economy. And then in another StarTribune article, somebody wants to spend millions of public money on a "Decaying Mpls. building to be revived" project.... http://www.startribune.com/local/minneapolis/130170063.html The Minnesota taxpayer is once again being fleeced by the Minnesota's most populated city.

mankato58Sep. 22, 1112:26 AM

Why are they selling the dome? This building is used a lot, and is a cash cow for the owner. The Vikings are minority users of the building, and their leaving will cost ten events a year, but the Vikings take all the income from those games. Concerts, races, monster trucks, high school games, and other community events fill many days a year. This building belongs to the people of the State of Minnesota, it is paid for and in good shape. Keep it and use it!

DufferHSep. 22, 1112:28 AM

It's about time Rybak and other city officials starting paying attention to what's going on instead of just lying back in the weeds hoping things fall Minneapolis' way.

siafoiSep. 22, 1112:32 AM

Rybak has done nothing but cause problems in the whole stadium situation. He has not made one constructive contribution to anything with regard to this matter.

pelicanpoopSep. 22, 1112:34 AM

Perhaps the city will want to just keep the Metrodome open and operating. Then we'd have a venue available for the new MFL team in town (Municipal Football League). The teams in this league would be owned by the local municipality similar to the Green Bay team. Team stock could be sold and the league could never threaten to leave if they don't get a new stadium. No more BLACKMAIL! This is beginning to sound pretty good...

writruth1Sep. 22, 1112:36 AM

It's about time Mayor Ryback and the City Council got up off the mat and started fighting to retain the "Peoples Stadium" in downtown Minneapolis, where existing freeways, parking, LRT, hotels, restaurants and other amenities already exist. For Lester Bagley to "assume" proceeds of the Metrodome would be forked over to the Vikings to build a suburban ZygiWorld extravaganza, and a recently revealed competing convention center/hotel complex, paid for by $650 million in taxpayer ransom, continues to show how out of touch Bagley and the Vikings owners truly are. The Vikings should play in the Metrodome for three more years while an all-weather, retractable roof stadium is constructed at the Farmers Market site, adjacent to Target Field and the soon-to-be-built interchange for the three Light Rail Transit lines and the Northstar commuter rail line. That way existing businesses will also benefit from game- day business, maximizing sales tax revenue for the state and a real return to taxpayers, not just Wilf, the absentee New Jersey landlord.

acidradioSep. 22, 1112:42 AM

Maybe Minneapolis can use some of this money that it believes it is owed to reduce the ridiculous sales tax in the city. They build stadiums and they want all of US to pay for it. They sell the stadium, time to give back some of the money. Wait, who am I kidding? Get rid of a tax? Like that would ever happen...

hauts81Sep. 22, 1112:43 AM

give the county and city the money they're owed by law. but i don't know why Minneapolis thinks it's entitled to at least 6 times that much. Minneapolis has made money hand over fist on a facility that didn't cost that much to build and maintain.

mugsdilSep. 22, 1112:44 AM

Big government strikes again.


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