Google's search formula faces scrutiny

  • Article by: JIM SPENCER , Star Tribune
  • Updated: September 18, 2011 - 9:56 PM

A Senate panel is examining the fairness of the Internet giant's formula for who tops its highly coveted results lists as well as its own ad placements.

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ebnub1Sep. 18, 11 9:47 PM

You cannot call Google a monopoly when there are countless other options available to every web user at all times

inrealitySep. 18, 1110:13 PM

This makes no sense. Why in the he## is our government looking into what a private company is doing for their internet search results? Huh? If you need any more evidence that our government is out of control and too large in scope then I'm not sure what it will take for you to see it.

shill68Sep. 18, 1110:20 PM

Hmm, and how is this unlike Microsoft dominating the market with it's Windows OS and making it difficult to get rid of it's crappy Bing and other products built into Windows?

subotai1Sep. 18, 1110:31 PM

It may look like rocket science and black science to the uninitiated. However just because you don't get the results you want, does not mean you were cheated. If so many other companies can find ways to get to the top of search results, its possible, Figure out how its, done and try harder. Don't blame the company. Google changes this algorithm in order to prevent people from trying to game the system and be ranked unfairly. Its to make things better for those who search, not harm legitimate companies.

ruphinaSep. 18, 1111:50 PM

You are wearing rose-tinted glasses if you think google's results are schemed to benefit ANYONE besides google. You probably also believe teacher's unions are for the kids, and the government is here to help you. Good luck with those; BTW- the check is in the mail, too. Bill G.

lenny7Sep. 18, 1111:54 PM

Well I'm glad we have our economy fixed, our debt problems fixed, and our unemployment fixed. Now the Senate can concentrate on the important stuff!

mn55066Sep. 19, 1112:11 AM

Google could not care less about consumers. All the company cares about is profit. A large majority of Google hits are useless spam.

david999Sep. 19, 1112:17 AM

Google does put it's own interests ahead of others since it is their business. Microsoft MSN will redirect you to Bing when you type in a legitimate web address and press enter, hoping you will click on a paid link they present. You times that by the millions it happens each day and it is extra money in their pocket while taking it from the advertiser since the person who clicked on it expected another result and quickly goes elsewhere but the bill is still presented to the advertiser. They also redirect your IE browser to an ad to upgrade Windows or IE from time to time.... As anyone who has clicked on a link from a search engine like Google has found, you frequently end up at a search farm results with a page of links. Google says they know that people are scamming them but I believe Google gets a cut since it happens way too often... Texas last year found that 88 well know companies raked in $1.2 billion from dummy offers that had hidden charges that are placed by another company offering say $10 off at a site where you are buying another product. In very fine print they charge your bank account $4.95 or $19.95 or any amount they want then split the take with those 88 companies... Google, Bing, Yahoo and a multitude of ads can cost you plenty if not always on your guard. The pool company guys are finding you cannot trust Google.

pcmiller99Sep. 19, 11 2:35 AM

Companies pay other companies to optimize their Google search results, because they can. If you end up on page 37 of the search results, well--you're not very good at playing the game. Winners win. Losers whine (and investigate).

obstakesSep. 19, 11 5:52 AM

This government is out of control. They are trying ot pick winners and losers and that is not the job of government. I can't wait until we can vote these losers out too.


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