He dares Duluth to shut his head shop

  • Article by: LARRY OAKES , Star Tribune
  • Updated: September 23, 2011 - 3:56 PM

Owner Jim Carlson has made millions of dollars defying synthetic drug bans.

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printisdeadSep. 16, 1110:49 PM

Good for him. I wouldn't take that crap but any adult that wants to should be able to. Our drug laws are teetering on the brink anyway. Treatment, not prison.

Daniel1966Sep. 16, 1111:06 PM

Be proud, Minnesota! it is nice to see that Duluth and my former home ground of Northeast MN is continuing to uphold such a fine, midwest, honorable and hardworking quality of life. It makes me want to gag and puke. But I guess that's what 50 years of "be nice, don't be judgmental, and take whatever trashy behavior" the "sophisticated elite" deem appropriate. But just think, it's even worse in Mpls. and St.Paul, but, unfortunately, it's no longer even newswothy there.

viktorvaughnSep. 16, 1111:12 PM

It's time to stop this drug war insanity. Kid's getting killed smoking some legal synthetic pot is senseless. If marijuana was legal, the dangerous synthetics would be problem of the past. And real cannabis is safe, non-toxic, and has been used by people for over 6,000 years. Outlawing this plant has been an arrogant big-government failure.

gojohnnygoSep. 16, 1111:12 PM

This place used to be a realllly great record store in the 1970s & 1980s.

samiamSep. 16, 1111:14 PM

This is the result of drug prohibition. Legalize drugs and tax them.

concernedduhSep. 16, 1111:17 PM

He should be selling real pot and the state should be taxing it. It would be safer for his customers and this guy may even become likable paying the state a 50% tax on pot sales.

snowthunderSep. 16, 1111:32 PM

What a weak, chicken city council and police department they must have in Duluth. Welcome to the 21st century, folks.

gniknusSep. 16, 1111:51 PM

Meh, what adults choose to do in the privacy of their own homes, regardless of how shady some townspeople think the customers are, is their own business. It doesn't effect anybody else in any way. Personally I choose not indulge in that sort of thing, but that has no bearing on anything. Let the man run his business.

johnnyg08Sep. 17, 1112:08 AM

There's big money in incarceration. That's why we throw everybody in jail. Scare the sheep into spending ridiculous amounts of money into thinking their towns are safe, when in reality, they're throwing their money down the drain

ande8502Sep. 17, 1112:21 AM

How many people have died this year in Minnesota of alcohol poisoning?? Where are the news stories covering that "dangerous product"? Shame on liquor store owners for selling a product that can be harmful to some. What a joke. Anyone who thinks k2 is dangerous is uneducated and talking about something they know nothing about. If anything it's a weak substitute for the real thing. Who cares.


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