This is not your father's 'Star Wars'

  • Article by: RANDY A. SALAS , Star Tribune
  • Updated: September 15, 2011 - 3:34 PM

Filmmaker George Lucas makes tweaks for Blu-ray release.

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grapeape1969Sep. 14, 11 4:29 PM

I'm a big Star Wars fan and I like SOME of the changes he did such as touching up some of the FX but not a fan of the big changes (Han shooting first, Vader yelling "Noooo" after tossing the Emperor). I also don't mind 3D if it's done right but I WILL be going to see them in 3D when released just to be able to see them on the big screen again. Changes and all it will still be fun to see them up there once more. Tho seeing the trench run in Ep. IV could be fun in 3D! :)

fromupnortSep. 15, 11 7:04 AM

If I can notice a change in the films after 30+ years, perhaps I need to "GET A LIFE!".

cybrarianSep. 15, 11 9:20 AM

Maybe he should add Amidala to the ghostly lineup at the end of "Return of the Jedi".

skolpackersSep. 15, 1110:00 AM

I wouldn't mind any of these changes if they also included an original theatrical version of the fims on the discs. Vader yelling "Noooo" is beyond ridiculous.

mydh12Sep. 15, 1110:01 AM

Lucas has become a "one-hit wonder." He has been milking the original "Star War" movie for over 30 years. These tweaks are his way of getting fans/suckers to spend yet more money for the one really great movie that he made. Sad.

rinkerboySep. 15, 1110:30 AM

EARTH TO STAR WARS FANS!!!!!!!! It's just a movie, calm yourself.

pamelap12Sep. 15, 1110:42 AM

I grew up on "Star Wars" and I am sooooo glad that I bought the original version on VHS when VHS was the big deal. And with all of these changes I will never part with them. While George Lucas has every right to create an altered state in our understanding of the "Star Wars" saga I must say that when I saw one of his "revised" DVD versions of "Return of the Jedi" where they show Hayden Christiansen as the ghostly Annakin Skywalker instead of the original Sebastian Shaw I was appalled. There are tweaks and then there is messing with canon. That was canonical mistake, and now I will not purchase any of the new and improved versions.

ljb6599Sep. 15, 1111:25 AM

I am Star Wars fan and I love change.These changes he has made are so minor.I have the originals on videotape and I never watch them.People are generally envious of anyone whom makes a lot of money and they are particularly envious of George Lucas.I watch the new animated show(The Clone Wars) and am looking forward to season 3.Lastly I could care less if anyone agrees with me or not.

dhunter9Sep. 15, 1111:53 AM

People need to relax.... He made the movies. He owns the rights.. He can do what he wants. There is no bad publicity. He knows the more people talk about these things, the more money he makes.

Packman_1Sep. 15, 1112:06 PM

I don't want my children to grow up in a world altered by George Lucas," Imholte said. "He's a madman and needs to be stopped.".........I hope he's kidding. Either way, that's the funniest line I've ever read in the Strib


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