College Republicans protest water bottle ban

  • Article by: JENNA ROSS , Star Tribune
  • Updated: September 13, 2011 - 9:55 PM

Group hands out bottled water at College of St. Benedict.

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langton4Sep. 13, 1110:02 PM

"The hydration stations not only cost us money to use, they are costing us our ability to choose and convenience that derives from choice."--And, heaven knows, it's all about you.

craigrfastSep. 13, 1110:03 PM

Hey College Republicans, I think you're a bit confused. The College of St. Benedict absolutely has the right in the free market to stop selling, distributing and promoting the use of disposable water containers on their campus.

scheck45Sep. 13, 1110:08 PM

In a free market system, organization, businesses, colleges, ect. get to decide what their product is and the consumer can decide if they want to purchase the product or not. The market decides. In this case, if the college republicans don't like the ban on bottled water in campus vending machines, they can choose to attend a different college.

morsecSep. 13, 1110:10 PM


oglethorpieSep. 13, 1110:14 PM

The college republicans are certainly misplaying this. Carrying bottled water around was invented by effete liberal snobs. That they are now reversing themselves on this is remindful of their reversal on plastic bags in grocery stores, which they insisted we must have because paper bags were made from the finite crop of trees the earth needs. Rather than fight this, the college republicans should be pointing at the liberals and laughing at yet another example of how their ideas are never thought through and how they always result in the inevitable unintended consequences.

merkinSep. 13, 1110:17 PM

Proof positive that Republicans are idiots no matter what their age. Seriously, they're their own worst enemy!

adamskoglundSep. 13, 1110:18 PM

This sounds up there with the light bulb nonsense that the senior Tea Partiers have been complaining about for years now. Guess the junior Tea Partiers had to pick something equally inane to protest in order to keep up. As was pointed out, as per the rules of the free market, St. Benedict has just as much of a choice over whether or not they want to sell bottled water, Pepsi, juice, booze, or anything else they see fit. They no longer saw fit to sell bottled water, as is their right in the free market system. Nice try though, kiddies! Find a better cause next time.

bobbychuck81Sep. 13, 1110:22 PM

I sincerely hope one of these malcontents shows up in my office after graduation, looking for a job, with this organization plastered all over his/her resume. I'll hand them a bottle of water to keep them hydrated on the long walk back to the car. WITHOUT A JOB.

mlhallSep. 13, 1110:26 PM

Of course they are... big babies.

howyadoinSep. 13, 1110:27 PM

This is pretty embarrassing to read as an SJU alum. The school is under no obligation to sell bottled water, just like they're under no obligation to sell something like bottled iced tea. Remember that mass produced bottled water wasn't even in existence just 15 or 20 years ago. How did we survive? Stop following the example of the nutcase we have representing us in the 6th district and think for yourselves.


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