DEA clamps down on synthetic drugs

  • Article by: LARRY OAKES , Star Tribune
  • Updated: September 8, 2011 - 4:53 PM

Federal authorities moved to outlaw three chemicals found in bath salts, a group of synthetic drugs that have been linked to several deaths and thousands of calls to poison control centers.

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ubetcha101Sep. 7, 1110:24 AM

War on drugs. Not working never will.nLegalize some and be done with it. Let the business comunity and employers police this as they already do.

winsettzSep. 7, 1110:43 AM

Using the "human consumption" loopholes in the Analog Act will only trigger a backlash when people demand the loopholes get fixed: then at some point it may allow the FDA to dictate what goes into glue because some people get high off of glue. Maybe they'll just ban distribution of which case, people will publish their recipes, and only people with the wherewithal to "make your own" will be able to imbibe on amphetamine analogs.

jarlmnSep. 7, 1110:59 AM

Oh please ... this knee-jerk "war on drugs" reaction to any and all recreational substances (except alcohol) is the BY FAR bigger "threat to the nation." Our lawmakers are like those generals who will blithely destroy their entire own army because they absolutely refuse to acknowledge that the dumb war they started is lost. The only way we will EVER put the drug gangs out of business, by-the-way, is to first legalize marijuana. And secondly then, to actually permit, if not heartily encourage, our scientific community to come-up with safe, non-additive synthetics that may be sold legally!

prinerSep. 7, 1111:04 AM

As "radical" as it may seem, perhaps we should let people decide what they want to put into their own bodies. Of course, they would also have to suffer to the consequences. The war on drugs is a money-pit that has already swallowed hundreds of BILLIONS of dollars with absolutely nothing to show for it. Now the government is going to try to keep up with thousands of hobby chemists. They don't stand a chance.

nomedsSep. 7, 1111:10 AM

Hopefully, the $millions wastefully spent on the war on drugs each year is on the radar of the tea party. If its not, why not? If its not this drug or that drug that is banned, the users will continue to find other means to get high, and the U.S. government is like an Ostrich.

sayshhmnSep. 7, 1111:45 AM

What a waste of time and money. This "war on drugs" is getting ridiculous. If people are dumb enough to want to smoke bath salts maybe we should just let them and move on. I mean, we allow people to drink themselves silly and smoke cigarettes, so why not let them smoke this crap? I know that there are bad drugs out there, like meth for example, that should be regulated. But honestly, I'd like to see some of these law makers actually understand what they are talking about here. They should do an experiment where they compare getting drunk on alcohol to getting high on marijuana. Then they can tell us which they thought impaired them more.

jpickenSep. 7, 1111:51 AM

Based on the comments already posted, it's a very good bet that not one of you posting is a parent. Or you've never had someone close to you run into trouble with drug addiction. With any luck, you'll remain in those categories.

dazel21Sep. 7, 1111:59 AM

Don't matter,they will change 1 molecule and the name and it will back online for the 12 yrs olds to buy,just make weed legal it is already in a lot of states,just go west young-man and buy it in a store everybody i know does it,get a clue sell it tax it and regulate it just like booze.

nomedsSep. 7, 1112:10 PM

"Based on the comments already posted, it's a very good bet that not one of you posting is a parent." It wouldn't be a very good bet since I have a 17 year old kid. Also, for those who have had people close to you with a drug addiction, how has the war on drugs worked out for you or them?

MoojaSep. 7, 1112:10 PM

If our country has any notion of maintaining the limited freedom we have left we will stop creating laws that aim to protect someone from themselves. Those intent on destroying themselves will do it anyway and we will be going bankrupt trying to stop them. I'm the meantime we institute yet more job killing laws and regulations and wonder why the economy is so bad. Not to mention it's morally wrong to try legislate morality.


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