Peterson: 'Right now, I'm just happy for Chad'

  • Article by: MARK CRAIG and KENT YOUNGBLOOD , Star Tribune staff writers
  • Updated: September 6, 2011 - 6:27 AM

Adrian Peterson may be looking for $30 million guaranteed.

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a1batrossSep. 5, 11 7:41 PM

Hah! And here I thought "$41 million will do wonders for the Minneapolis bike trail system! So many people will benefit!" No such luck. This is all for one guy playing a children's game.

virulersSep. 5, 11 7:42 PM

When will the 53-man salary cap numbers be public? Curious to see where the Vikings are at now with the release of some vets (Farwell, Dugan, Cook) the news of Greg Camarillo re-structuring his contract (according to rival local paper), he took a significant pay cut from his $1.7 million salary over the weekend, and Greenway's new deal. Let's get AP's deal done so we don't have to hear about it every week of the season by the national announcers, that will get OLD FAST. SKOL VIKINGS!

treehandhldrSep. 5, 11 7:50 PM

Dayton, Please just call a special session to raise my taxes so I can buy these rich kids a new sandbox to play in.

virulersSep. 5, 11 7:52 PM

treehandldr, exactly how much would you have to pay more in taxes on an annual basis for a new stadium?

thetruth2Sep. 5, 11 7:55 PM

Zigi should be saving his money for a new stadium. One needs to looks no further than the two contracts that we have here Greenways, and soon to be Petersons, these deals will have fifty million guaranteed combined if he can pay two players fifty million he can up his stadium stake.

kennyrogersSep. 5, 11 8:11 PM

Let's see, Greenway gets 41 million, and is not mentioned in the list of best linebackers in all of football. Peterson was named the the third best "player" in all of the NFL, and the best of all the running backs. This could get expensive before he is signed!

tostenSep. 5, 11 8:15 PM

I don't hold it against him. He makes that much because they can afford to pay him that much and they can afford it because they don't have to pay for many of their expenses in the form of a stadium. Anyone know if they pay rent?

rhanSep. 5, 11 8:41 PM

If they can pay some guy $41+ million dollars - with $20 million of it being guaranteed... They sure as heck pay for a new stadium without coming to us little folk for our money... If they threaten with moving - let them move - I heard Los Angeles is looking for a team.

dreski83Sep. 5, 11 8:46 PM

Its good to see Peterson is choosing his words wisely and respectably... especially with the media vultures clamoring for something. Not only is #28 getting paid handsomely for his final contract year, but I'm sure he's gonna play like the beast that he is.

steavis61067Sep. 5, 11 8:55 PM

@a1batross - "Hah! And here I thought "$41 million will do wonders for the Minneapolis bike trail system! So many people will benefit!" No such luck. This is all for one guy playing a children's game"....The problem with people that think like you do is you expect something for nothing. I hate to tell you this, but paying outlandish salaries for good players is what makes teams good, and draws people in to hotels, taxis, restaurants, airports, etc. While bike trails are a great quality of life thing, I'd rather have the other quality of life things like food and shelter for the workers at hotels, restaurants, etc. If you don't like pro teams paying money, then move to Omaha.


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