Shake-up needed to save Twins from complacent ways

  • Article by: JIM SOUHAN , Star Tribune
  • Updated: September 4, 2011 - 11:37 PM

Bill Smith needs to hire someone to make tough decisions for him; might I suggest Wayne Krivsky?

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rodneyklineSep. 4, 1110:56 PM

You are right Bill Smith should not be fired for one bad season and I would go as far as to say that the Twins horrible season is mostly not his fault. However, he should be fired immediately because he has proven that he is as bad at evaluating talent and making trades as Kevin Mchale. He has not made one good trade and he has an uncanny ability to pick the worst time to trade the players he has traded. If he didn't want to stick with Delmon Young long term, then he needed to trade him in the off season after his breakout year last year and not after he had his worst year this year. you don't trade Garza and Bartlett before they can show what they can do. Tampa Bay traded Garza at the right time. You don't trade Santana for practically nothing when the Twins probably win the World Series with him on that team in 2006 and then get two #1 draft picks for him. Everyone he trades has a big year the next year and every player we get in return bombs badly,

cuso26Sep. 4, 1111:17 PM

If the Twins knew what was good for them, they would realize that all of the bad personnel decisions Bill Smith has been making are now coalescing into the terrible team that we're seeing now and will continue to see for seasons to come if something isn't done about him. One bad season shouldn't doom someone, but multiple seasons of incompetence should, and Smith has that going for him in spades.

kinge51Sep. 4, 1111:18 PM

AMEN....but it will not happen. The Pohlad's are too wimpy!

jeffstSep. 4, 1111:21 PM

Souhan is on a roll. Changes would also be welcome in the Twins medical staff and should include some of the trainers. How can injuries take so long to recover on such a consistent basis? Are they properly diagnosed? Are the treatments correct? I know the Twins are a team filled with many milk toasts but it simply is not the norm for so many injuries to occur and for them to take so long to adequately recover so the players can get back onto the field. Paul Molitor or Tom Brunansky as the new hitting coach, too.

boneyardSep. 4, 1111:26 PM

"The Pohlad's are too wimpy!" How do you get as rich as they are by being wimpy?

boneyardSep. 4, 1111:30 PM

Btw, I concur that sweeping changes are necessary, but I also think that includes firing Bill Smith. This year did not happen all of a sudden. The foundation was laid during the last 2 years of mismangement. The scouting dept. must be held accountable as well (Capps? Nishika? Really?). Why is Souhan the only one actually talking about with the Strib actually talking about the elephant in the room that is the abyssmal 2011 Twins?

tsnyder11Sep. 4, 1111:35 PM

Preach Reusse, PREACH!

pazalunaSep. 4, 1111:39 PM

In 10 years the Mauer contract will be viewed up there with the Herschel Walker trade as the worst off the field move in MN sports history. Even if Joe bats .320 with 15 HRs he still is overpaid by 100%. If he should play the rest of his contract out like he is this year?!? Then it might end up being the worst contract in the history of pro sports.

sniggleSep. 4, 1111:42 PM

How about Bill Smith needs to get fired? How about Gardenhose needs to get fired? How about us trying somehow, someway to get rid of Mauer and his contract?!

pazalunaSep. 4, 1111:43 PM

Also, this isn't a one year fix for the the teams. This team does not have speed, power, or great fielding. The team has no power arms and a bunch of pitchers who throw 90 mph meatballs. The pitching staff needs two quality power armed starters and at least 3 power armed relievers. Then the team needs to get rid of all the bench guys who have shown they cannot even bat .200 in MLB...meaning Tolbert and Butera cannot be on the team next year. Having them on the team is an embarassment.


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