Prospect of a convention center shocks Vikings stadium watchers

  • Article by: ROCHELLE OLSON , Star Tribune
  • Updated: September 4, 2011 - 2:15 AM

A map showing more than just a stadium in Arden Hills drew gasps at a Rotary luncheon. The Vikings said the map was out of date.

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jrspacemanSep. 3, 1110:10 PM

Oops! Guess you weren't supposed to find out about Ziggy's other plans for the taxpayer-subsidized site. Ziggy World seems like an appropriate name, given that he's off in his own little world if he thinks I'm going to pay for his company's expansion through my taxes.

sawpuppetSep. 3, 1110:29 PM

The Vikes already HAVE a stadium. ALREADY BUILT! With a new roof and turf and convenient to mass transit for those concerned about 'green' issues. The state is broke and families are needing to 'make due' all over this country. Let the owner 'make due' or pay for it all himself if it is such a necessary and money-making venture. He isn't moving the team anywhere. And by the way, the LA stadium is 100% privately funded. Join me at the dome to root on the Vikes and bring a playoff game there in January. Dome is Home! With the new roof and new turf on the light rail. Go Vikes!

wecandoitSep. 3, 1110:31 PM

If Mpls doesn't want to lose convention business to Arden Hills, then step up to the plate and build the stadium in Mpls

hpbearSep. 3, 1111:08 PM

if zigi has the bucks to pay for a convention center/hotel next to the new stadium, then he has the money to pay for the full stadium himself.

turgidSep. 3, 1111:14 PM

Gee, you'd think Zigi might have planned to spend his extra money building a great team after we all went to the trouble of buying him a billion dollar stadium. Unless of course he realized he didn't need to field a decent team, because the place would sell out for a couple years no matter how bad they were... Huh. That would make us Minnesotans look kind of stupid, wouldn't it?.

a1batrossSep. 3, 1111:18 PM

As an entrepreneur, when I want to expand my company I fund it with savings or by taking out a bank loan, which I then repay with interest. But when you're a multimillionaire, you simply coerce the government to give you money taken from taxpayers to fund your investment, without any plans to pay that money back. And THAT'S not socialism, that's just capitalism gone mad.

mred58Sep. 3, 1111:20 PM

sounds like ziggy is going to give markie and the city council the old east coast dagger in the back.just what he did to anoka county,so good luck with i got mine ziggy.

brokenglassSep. 3, 1111:24 PM

Those two taxpayer-subsidized convention centers are jealous of third taxpayer-subsidized convention center. Yeah; that's really scandalous.

brokenglassSep. 3, 1111:27 PM

Waiting for other taxpayer-subsidized water slide operators to have kittens once plans for the Zygi Zagi slide are revealed.

lannys9Sep. 3, 1111:28 PM

sawpuppet wrote, "Let the owner 'make due' or pay for it all himself if it is such a necessary and money-making venture." I almost fell out of my chair this morning when I heard the football Saturday morning show on ESPN describing the site of the football game tonight between LSU and Oregon being played at the new Football stadium in Arlington Texas, described as the house that Jerry built. This referring of course to the owner of the Dallas Cowboys, Jerry Jones. He built it in a pigs eye, the taxpayers built it for him and then he had the balls last winter to say that the taxpayers of Minnesota had to pony up for a stadium for the Vikings.


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