Jim Souhan: Torii Hunter talks of retirement and more

  • Article by: JIM SOUHAN , Star Tribune
  • Updated: September 3, 2011 - 1:42 AM

The former Twins outfielder spoke about his future, retiring as an Angel or even a Twin, and the lack of warmth of GM Bill Smith.

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highaboveSep. 2, 1110:43 PM

We see Joe Mauer at 28, what will we see when he is 32 or 33? He will still be making twenty three million a year. Its a frighting thought.

live101Sep. 2, 1111:04 PM

Wow! Bill Smith has just been flattened by the Torii Hunter bus!!

ladiesman247Sep. 2, 1111:43 PM

Mauer is the anti-Hunter and Smith is the anti-Terry Ryan. Since Ryan's been gone, the 'today' Twins are the exact opposite of the Twins that we built a stadium for.

ladiesman247Sep. 2, 1111:45 PM

I am so glad the Twins won't be playing October baseball when the weather gets colder. Who knows what excuses Mauer will have then. "I can't play today Gardy, I thought the temp was going to stay above 68 but the field reads 67"

rodneyklineSep. 3, 1112:48 AM

Get rid of Smith please!!!!!

BallFourSep. 3, 11 1:00 AM

Is this Souhan's way of ripping on Mauer and Smith without jeopardizing his access to them by ripping on them directly? Can't we get some real journalists covering this team?

CountChoculaSep. 3, 11 1:28 AM

Impressive! That, Mr. Hunter, is exactly what Bill and Joe needed to hear. For once it didn't come from the fans, who are often arrogantly dismissed as emotional neophytes who don't understand the game. This time it came from a credible source. One of their own. What you said reflects the thinking of a vast majority of the fan base, and is precisely what is lacking in this organization. Fire, heart and a no-excuses, win-at-all-costs attitude. You will make a fine manager one day. Kudos also to Souhan for calling Mauer soft in no uncertain terms in the final line. About time.

LoveMyVikesSep. 3, 11 1:59 AM

The Twins offered Torii Hunter waa three-year deal worth 45 million before the end of the 2007 season. 15 million a year!!! And he said it didn't show the Twins cared. Are you kidding me?!?!?! Souhan thinks he can write this without explaining that Hunter really is the one at fault here! Hunter says Ryan was like a dad to him, well Hunter was the one who ripped on Ryan for trading Luis Castillo, I didn't like the trade either. But this article is complete BS without really going into how Torii left the organization. He said the Twins needed a new stadium, we got it, but he decided to leave anyway. He owes the Twins a lot because they gave him the chance to play. His numbers were terrible when he first started, but Joe Vavra helped him correct his swing and he became a .280, 25 HR and 90 RBI hitter. Torii Hunter is the one who disrespected the Twins and the fans with his attitude near the end of his departure.

orchard1049Sep. 3, 11 5:06 AM

When you listen to Smith being interviewed, you get a sense of his coldness and calculated exterior. He so afraid to tip his hand that he forgets that being robotic will cost him some relationships....with players and the fans.

pashookSep. 3, 11 6:19 AM

Goodbye Mr Smith! Go away!!!. Leave now or get fired, Tori Hunters comments just proves the point. Billy will be fired by March 1st. It is hard to understand his horrible record when he is surounded by so many talented contributers. And stop saying we won 2 division titles under his watch. BS


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