They built a south metro busway but now can't pay for buses

  • Article by: KATIE HUMPHREY , Star Tribune
  • Updated: September 1, 2011 - 11:18 PM

Transit cuts in budget deal leave officials scrambling to get Cedar Av. service rolling after a decade of work.

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moandaaSep. 1, 1110:16 PM

$112MM to bus a small fraction of commuters up Cedar? No wonder we're in such a pickle.

viktorvaughnSep. 1, 1110:28 PM

Rep. Mike Beard, R-Shakopee, chairman of the state House Transportation Committee cut $100M of the $120M transit receives from the general fund in the Republican's fantasy no-new-taxes budget. In the end, they compromised with the Governor and cut 'only' $52M from transit. Now he acts surprised that suburban transit, the most subsidized variety, is feeling the squeeze. See those exurban legislators wanted to push all the budget pain on 'those' people. Those ones that live in the city. Cedar Avenue BRT is a great project and it will be funded, but in the meantime it's fun to see the something-for-nothing republicans squirm over the consequences of their actions.

screwtinizeSep. 1, 1110:37 PM

There was some determination of a DEMAND for this right? There had to be a demand before we throw tax dollars at such a project... Somebody will step forward and buy buses if there is a demand and proceed to make a profit. No worries, right? If no demand, what in the world are we throwing tax dollars at a boondoggle like this? For some reason I fear nobody ever considered whether there is a demand for such a service.

winsettzSep. 1, 1110:45 PM

It's a suburb project. I wonder who represents that district...?

baloftusSep. 1, 1110:49 PM

They better come up with the money. I live 6 blocks off Cedar in AV and am already fed up with the construction. This better be worth it. I would rather they had built a light rail system up Cedar to MOA. We are going to be doing it someday anyway - why not do it now?

jjsbrwSep. 1, 1110:53 PM

viktorvaughn --- while I agree with your point to some extent, I don't know that "the Cedar Avenue BRT is a great project and it will be funded." at least not from the state. If the exurbanites want to subsidize their own transit, let them. The state's done enough getting the infrastructure built. They can take the million out of police and fire protection, schools, snow removal, city and county services, where ever. The republicans claim that there is always fat to trim. Let them trim it.

viktorvaughnSep. 1, 1110:55 PM

Yes screwtinize, detailed studies projected the demand for this service and chose BRT as the most cost-effective. It's a cheaper way than light rail to extend the Hiawatha line from MOA to Lakeville.

evilgrimaceSep. 1, 1110:57 PM

Republicans run for election on the premise that government doesn't work, then they get elected and prove it by being pennywise and pound foolish! It's time to BLAST the RICH with TAX HIKES and starting investing in this state again!

noinkSep. 1, 1111:09 PM

A million dollars here a millions dollars there, pretty soon you are talking real money.

karhatsuSep. 1, 1111:19 PM

At approx. Half million dollars per "Bus 2.0", I think I am quite happy to stick with bus 1.0 for a few years longer. They've gone so far out of their way to mimic light rail, when the first major snow storm comes or the first major accident at Count 42 blocks traffic, the veil will fall and we'll see exactly what how hard we got screwed. We should never have settled for this mockery of a modern transit solution. They ripped out every tree, put roads in peoples back yards and now, no buses for it, classic Government Planning.


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