10 horses seized from East Bethel farm

  • Article by: JENNA ROSS , Star Tribune
  • Updated: September 1, 2011 - 11:04 PM

The farm's owner is accused of mistreating the animals. They are being cared for at the U's Large Animal Hospital.

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mrinsideSep. 1, 11 9:33 PM

Actually the Henneke Body Condition Scale set the ideal score a 5 the skin flows smoothly from neck to withers over the hips. Ribs can be felt. The score of 6 indicates moderate fleshy with fat being layer below the skin. Ribs can be felt with pressure. 7 Fat layer on the neck, and shoulders. Ribs can be found only with heavy pressure. Its hard to tell from the picture but the horse looks to be a 2 or 3. It will be a long road for the horse to get back to 5.

lazyj_erSep. 1, 11 9:43 PM

I wish the media would put some more detail into their story. Yes it is horrible if this man was truly mistreating his animals, however have you ever tried to keep weight on an elderly horse with bad teeth? It can be darn near impossible to maintain a "healthy" weight. I am not defending him if he truly is guilty, but really, how old are the skinny horses and are there any underlying conditions preventing them from gaining and maintaining weight? Weren't there other horses there that are just fine?

DUSTYBSep. 1, 1110:01 PM

We need stricter animal cruelty laws in Mn to deal with people like this so that they can't keep repeating these terrible crimes against innocent pets that don't deserve to suffer like this

BallFourSep. 1, 1110:15 PM

Clearly sounds like the "owner" is just a God-awful, pathetic loser.

svf8528Sep. 1, 1110:53 PM

Lazyj_er: Why yes, I have tried - and succeeded - keeping weight on an old horse. Many, actually. You are simply wrong. For a local example, check out all the old, fat, happy horses at Windy Ridge Ranch in Woodbury. Bad teeth? That's your problem to solve, not a reason to let a horse get ill. If the teeth aren't salvageable you should be feeding mash. There's just no excuse for letting a horse starve.

MoojaSep. 1, 1111:22 PM

Queue the onslaught of soft hearted, soft headed animal lovers who put rights of animals over the rights of actual human beings. May the benevolent knuckles of government knock firmly on your door next.

susanwilhhSep. 1, 1111:33 PM

It is tough to keep weight on an older horse, even with tooth care and feeding of mash. A family member of mine tried very hard, but they were still reported to the sheriff. The only option was to put the horse down, although she was not suffering too much, just thin enough that (uneducated) people driving by would essentially call for her death, because that is what happened to her. I don't know the whole story on these horses, but yeah, often there is another side.

TLSchlickSep. 1, 1111:52 PM

Did people talking about "another side" actually read the story? It says they look for other causes for the condition of the animal before they come to the conclusion they were starved and neglected.

mdachsSep. 1, 1111:57 PM

If you travel around Minnesota farmlands, you will see an astoundingling disturbing number of starving horses. The horses should be confiscated and the owners prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law. This is just plain inexcusable.

teresainmnSep. 2, 11 4:14 AM

With 10 horses in this condition, it is almost certainly neglect. Poor things :-( I hope they recover, and find loving homes where they will be loved and cared for.


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