Vikings consider raising their share for a new stadium

  • Article by: ROCHELLE OLSON , Star Tribune
  • Updated: September 1, 2011 - 12:05 PM

In their bid to solidify support for a new stadium in Arden Hills, the Vikings also might accept a non-retractable roof to limit the total cost.

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technoreaperAug. 30, 11 9:48 PM

This state has a $5 billion dollar deficit, and all people are concerned about is buying a billionaire a billion dollar stadium. Zygi's way or the highway. Let's build a new stadium, even though the one we have is about 30 years old. The Roman Colosseum is still standing. Heck, with some renovations, it can probably hold an NFL game! So let's give Zygi his billion dollar stadium and ignore all the numerous studies and actual business data that says that taxpayer funded stadiums are fiscally stupid. When an author writes a book in the near future about how the American economy collapsed, I hope a good chunk is devoted to the stadium scam.

ltdgvmtmavenAug. 30, 1110:23 PM

It is easy to spend other people's money, isn't it Gov. Dayton? The state is deep in debt and its credit rating downgraded, the economy is bad, unemployment is high - YET you want to RAISE TAXES and give it to your billionaire buddy. How brilliantly logical and competent of you.

ccarterhofAug. 30, 1110:30 PM

The Dome is no good. Outdated 10 years after it was built. Because it was built on the cheap. This one will be one of those 100 year plus stadiums, build it and build it right. Whats half of one cent? If I spend $500 it would be $2.50. I think I have that. The Vikes have been putting money into this state for years, and they will continue to do so. But they cant compete financially playing in the dome. Its that simple.

ltdgvmtmavenAug. 30, 1110:53 PM

Raising taxes without a referendum in a bad economy in an indebted state with high unemployment is a bad idea.

ltdgvmtmavenAug. 30, 1110:55 PM

@ccarterhof - why don't you start a Vikings Fan mailing list and solicit donations instead of ramming this down taxpayers' throats?

gominnyAug. 30, 1110:56 PM

Building the stadium in Arden Hills is the best option. It will create a tax generating business district, will get rid of this plighted area, and will offer enough parking. Get this deal done already!

lonestartexAug. 30, 1110:58 PM

Just as an FYI for Vikings fans and taxpayers in Minnesota. I'm from Houston and lived through the nightmare that was the Oilers moving to Tennessee. Bud Adams wanted a new stadium in Houston that the city refused to build. The city could have built Adams a stadium similar to the one in Tennessee (only with a roof added) for only $400 million dollars in 1998. They city instead decided that the Astrodome was good enough and called his bluff. He left. The NFL was set to expand to Los Angeles and were only expanding to Los Angeles to get a team there but also to make the NFL even at 32 teams. They have no plans to expand further in the next few decades. That said, The Oilers could have been saved for $400 million and our mayor Bob Lanier and our Governor George W. Bush just let them go. When Los Angeles bungled their stadium issues, Bob McNair outbid them by $200 million for their expansion fee and ended up paying $700 million for the franchise. The stadium also cost $350 million which pushed the total cost over a billion dollars. This was in 1999. Do you think even if the NFL did expand again, That someone in Minnesota would bid a billion dollars for a franchise and that the city/state would agree to pay $500 million for a new stadium ? Don't drop the ball on this Minnesota or you'll likely never get another team !

haveafuntimeAug. 30, 1111:03 PM

ccarterhof: "But they cant compete financially playing in the dome."

If they can't compete financially, that's their problem.

technoreaperAug. 30, 1111:13 PM

Suggestion to all those who think the Vikings desperately need a new stadium: Pay for it yourself, raise the money the free market way! Sell donuts, lemonade, chocolate candy bars, clean out your bank accounts, ask grandma! I'm sure you have $650 million between yourselves! Here's an idea, let's add a fee to each ticket and keep donation stations around the stadium. You'll have that money in no time! Tithe to the church, then tithe to the Vikings, all on Sunday, sometimes Mondays and Thursdays! Swell idea, right? Get to it, hustle, the free market way!

technoreaperAug. 30, 1111:20 PM

@lonestartex, this is football, not water. People can live without it. What do you do when you are trying to buy a house or a car, and the price is way too expensive? You walk away.


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