Bloomington bird feeder settles his case: One year probation

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  • Updated: August 29, 2011 - 11:21 PM

A Bloomington man, accused of indulging his hobby to excess, had been charged with a misdemeanor.

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yathinksoAug. 29, 11 7:42 PM

He has to pay $500 for feeding birds...albeit on the ground. Are you kidding me. We have so many issues to worry about, and we pursue prosecution for this. Unreal.

sunnyboyAug. 29, 11 7:49 PM

The city simply wanted to "educate and change behavior," she said. Bloomington is a 'has been/wanna be' Edina. What a waste of everyones time. May the neighbors sleep good tonight nowing this man has been stopped of his evil doings and they won't have to look at a crow, deer, or any other creepy wildlife that wanders in.

wildfoxAug. 29, 11 7:51 PM

Complete waste of the courts time and money! They are going to "educate" some one on feeding the animals! Stupid is as stupid does!

LilBeaverAug. 29, 11 7:53 PM

While I am sure that there may be radical elements on both sides of this issue I can only say I am dammed glad I do not live in Bloomington or any other part of the metro cesspool!!!

transmitterAug. 29, 11 7:57 PM

If you want to see how govn has become a bloated cow, you can always refer to this case. The whole scenario stinks.

cashncareyAug. 29, 11 8:01 PM

The city of Bloomington should be ashamed of wasting the court's time. This is what they choose to concentrate their efforts on? What a bunch of idiots the city. I wished I lived there so I could vote against every one of these morons.

nickmaxAug. 29, 11 8:45 PM

I've lived in Bloomington over 20 years and city hall has never bothered me. Then again, I do not tick off those that live around me. We are not in the sticks here. If I don't hear it, smell it, or see it, do what ever you want! Sunnyboy, That Edina education is doing you well. It is spelled knowing.

missymessyAug. 29, 11 8:51 PM

Rats and mice love birdfood--think about it. I lived in a town in Arizona that had a city ordinance against feeding wildlife. Had a neighbor that felt he didn't need to follow it. And the whole neighborhood soon had rats and pigeon poop all over.

hasdogsAug. 29, 11 8:59 PM

This is what the city of Bloomington decides to focus its' time and resources on? Wow! I may just decide to move there since they seem to have solved all of their other problems. In the meantime, I just may put up another birdfeeder or two...

pipress1487Aug. 29, 11 9:00 PM

If this is what passes for prosecutable crime in Bloomington I never again have to worry about locking my car, or taking the keys out of the ignition for that matter, at the Mall Of America.


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