Cybersecurity expert hacked Medtronic insulin pump

  • Article by: JANET MOORE , Star Tribune
  • Updated: August 25, 2011 - 8:12 PM

A cybersecurity expert revealed the brand after a brouhaha on security.

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a1batrossAug. 25, 11 8:21 PM

Medtronic CEO Ishrak's comments are as stupid as they are irresponsible. These devices are inside people and control their health. There are government officials, powerful CEOs, and Saudi billionaires who have these devices. When a hacker with a transmitter gives Dick Cheney a heart attack or places a CEO into a diabetic coma, Medtronic's liability will be enormous, and it stock price will plummet.

zekim09Aug. 25, 11 8:37 PM

Considering that the communication has to be two-way and that the implanted devices range is very limit, a would-be hacker/assassin would have to be close enough that the might as well just knife their victim.

cbehlingAug. 25, 11 8:55 PM

Hey, let's circle the wagons and claim there's nothing to it!!

mockingyouAug. 25, 11 9:12 PM

this just in - i can cut your brakes lines and kill you. don't expect ford to do anything about it.

cnejenkinsAug. 25, 1110:02 PM

The problem is this - anything that does not have to physically touched to tamper with it makes it a more desirable method of operation. It's now been done, and anybody that did not have the idea before now has precedence on which to build on. They need to just admit - Yes, we did not think of that - now we need to make sure our customers\patients are safe. It may have only a close operational range - but you can always concentrate or boost a radio signal to extend distance. Do nothing is only beneficial to investors which don't live and die with profits.

bottomlineAug. 25, 1110:44 PM

So if you're just lying there receiving treatment after treatment and keeping you alive is depleting resources of a Government or Insurance company ...that they can just "cut their losses" by remotely........... (????).

BUDAug. 25, 1111:13 PM

Sounds more like a shake down than a need to help Medtonics

swany316Aug. 25, 1111:56 PM

Typical hacker. It reminds me of the pop up spam stating you have 49 registry errors and for 9.99 we can fix these issues. Then when you try to close the window it creates more pop ups. Now when medtronics creates a fix he will sue them for stealing intellectual property. The man is a piggy backing loser who will never create anything with his talent except for lawsuits.

bdssprcAug. 26, 11 2:57 AM

The issue is that many companies that do this type of software ( technically they're called embedded systems) have electrical engineers doing the software. Many have ZERO formal training in software engineering and especially security and secure computing techniques. The software quality folks are looking for functional errors and omissions NOT security breeches. Ditto for the FDA. As the systems become more sophisticated -for example allowing the devices to "phone home" to the clinic/doctor- the requirements for security and safety go up. Medtronics response is asinine. Blaming the security guy for revealing this is stupid too.

rafannonAug. 26, 11 5:44 AM

This is why Medtronics stock continue to fall.. bad leadership and incompatant people. When someone comes to you and tells you that your product has an issues.... listen... listen ....listen... they are trying to help you make your product better


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