Windom woman leaves U $14 million for scholarships

  • Article by: PAUL WALSH and ALLIE SHAH , Star Tribune s taff w riters
  • Updated: August 25, 2011 - 9:42 PM

As payments arrived, U officials realized the size of the fortune Myrtle Stroud left.

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stjohnsonAug. 25, 1110:19 AM

Good for this couple. Sounds like they had a good life and are giving back.

lowerhayAug. 25, 1110:38 AM

What a WONDERFUL gift! Good for the U of M, and God bless the souls of these fine people!!

mgs5150Aug. 25, 1110:39 AM

Many major Universities should try to get a large enough endowment pot so that they could fund tuition with just the interest. 200 million at 5% return could fund 1000 kids for free. That seems to be a better way to spend money than some of the other garbage they waste money on. I think Harvard as somewhere in the billions from donations yet they still charge for tuition. Insanity.

kenn36Aug. 25, 1111:09 AM

Thank you for the $14 Million. That'll give 140 or so students a four year degree, if the U manages it properly.

glyboualAug. 25, 1111:20 AM

What a waste if $, no more lib art degree. Dont need any more cla graduate working at McDonald's.

ziggymAug. 25, 1111:26 AM

This is such a wonderful gift. The U has been defunded by the state for at least a decade. Whether you agree or not with that is irrelevant; this donation is a wonderful opportunity for students. The more educated a society, the better off for everyone! Today's college degree was last generation's high school diploma.

john0990Aug. 25, 1111:27 AM

glyboual, perhaps if you had gone to CLA, you could write a coherent sentence.

Marky23Aug. 25, 1111:46 AM

A question for glyboual, do you think Madison or Jefferson would have given someone like Rick Perry the time of day? These folks were steeped in political philosophy, history and international affairs. Maybe you don't think llberal arts degrees and literacy in these disciplines is important, but if we don't value this knowledge we get what we ask for... superficiality and banality. The donation is a tremendous gift.

beaglemomAug. 25, 1111:49 AM

It is nice when the wealthy are permitted to contribute what they have earned in ways which they see fit. I can assure you that were this have been given to the government, a huge percentage would be lost in "administering" the funds. Less government and low taxes allows people the freedom of choice which is really a corner stone of our country.

deluge72Aug. 25, 1112:09 PM

glyboual Take a moment and read what you have written. Does it make sense to you? Perhaps you should have attended class with Marky23 and john0990. There is a lot more at stake than taxes and tea. Perhaps a basic understanding of history and philosophy would do you well. Not to mention rudimentary grammar skills. What an amazing show of support for the University! Go Gophers!


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