Michele Bachmann's low-key IRS role belied ambitions

  • Article by: TONY KENNEDY , Star Tribune
  • Updated: August 20, 2011 - 11:44 PM

Judicial records and former peers detail her work as a tax attorney.

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alexandjenAug. 20, 1111:12 PM

YAWN! Will she go away. It's sad to see her in the news. She is all talk talk talk. She has accomplished nothing in office. Please just go away.

wplettfanAug. 20, 1111:30 PM

It would appear that as a lawyer she didn't accomplish much, and in 6 years as a rep hasn't accomplished much either. Please correct me if I am wrong. I am serious about that last statement. I am looking for some reason to take her seriously as a presidential candidate.

rafannonAug. 20, 1111:31 PM

again, she is talking and not stating the facts..Michelle.. learn the truth before you speak

wallyworldmnAug. 20, 1111:35 PM

Is anyone surprised that she would exaggerate her resume? It is her trademark. Have you noticed that her "campaigning" has been nothing more than a big pep rally? It will take more than that to actually be a leader.

sancho83Aug. 20, 1111:43 PM

I would like to add that all the talking she does just skates around each question she is asked. We all know that she is running for the presidency of the united states...we would like to know if she truly has her own genuine response to a question that is not prompted in her prep for a debate or interview.

ndschmidtAug. 20, 1111:52 PM

Media bias in full force. For Conservative Candidates, open barrel, scour every piece in barrel with high powered microscope,pick barrel up, turn upside down, shake forcefully, put back down, pick up and shake again, use million candlewatt light to check for leftover amoeba sized crumbs, and repeat process daily. For Liberals, Fake opening barrel then say opener broke and give free pass. No question whatsoever about Obama's shaky associations. Big surprise.

e9999999Aug. 20, 1111:59 PM

i'm sure she was a serious student. she should take a course i'm offering, 'the rise and fall of the soviet union'

holymooseAug. 21, 1112:02 AM

I would never vote for Michelle Bachmann. Not in a primary, anyway. But if it comes down to a choice between Bachmann and Obama, I'd be a fool not to vote against the enemy of free enterprise, being someone who values the opportunity to provide for my family.

orvestaAug. 21, 1112:11 AM

If "Christians are needed to re-establish the moral tone of society'' and since Bachmann has been caught lying so many times, what religion is she?

joycen62Aug. 21, 1112:17 AM

MesserSchmidt, if you really think this woman is really running for President, you are mistaken. She is running for the money sent to certain candidates who pretend to run for the office of the Presidency. She is a great money-raiser. Marcus told her to work for the IRS, because the family needed the money. Marcus saw the Palin money going to SarahPac. Now Marcus is telling her to run for President. It's big money to run for President and never have a chance. Ask Huckabee.


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