Pedicabs want to hit street in rush hour

  • Article by: BILL McAULIFFE , Star Tribune
  • Updated: August 20, 2011 - 1:32 PM

As bike cabbies make inroads, city of Minneapolis will consider regulations on hours, equipment.

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MellersAug. 19, 1110:02 PM

Many non-Minnesota cities have pedi-cabs. Contact those cities, learn from their successes and their mistakes. But don't not-allow this to happen because of unfounded concerns.

olly_xAug. 20, 11 3:16 AM

Not sure exactly how taking a drunk 3 blocks to her parking ramp "keeps drunks off the streets," but I'm willing to hear ideas. As a limousine driver, I don't mind the cabs too much, but I wonder if downtown already has a lot of contradictory signage. Pedicabs, taxis and limousines are already jockeying for space along the "no stopping zone" that covers all of downtown's prime real estate. The city should clarify this use to all involved, but the last time the Limousines Operators' Association invited the police to a meeting, they stood us up!

maryfaithAug. 20, 11 8:21 AM

The article quotes 2 women and their driver, who "didn't want to be quoted", and is accompanied by a photo which identifies the same 2 women, barely visible behind the driver, whose name is given. So much for anonymity. This after - within the past week - an article about a vulnerable adult who receives home health assistance from his mom noted that they didn't want their hometown mentioned as they feared abuse. The accompanying photo named their town. Does the photo editor need some help?

vikesgr8fanAug. 20, 11 8:44 AM

@maryfaith, I don't understand your comment regarding anonymity. They were interviewed, quoted, and gave their names to the interviewer as well as where they were from. They obviously gave the reporter permission to use the info in this article. The pedicab driver said he didn't want to be quoted, not the women that were interviewed and nothing leads me to believe they were trying to be anonymous. Sheesh!

oggasoggaAug. 20, 11 8:59 AM

The snow hits the ground, they will be gone until next spring. For the short rides through downtown they're o.k.

irishmom58Aug. 20, 11 9:48 AM

Just what we need - as if the bikers who pull in front of you, cut across traffic against the lights aren't enough. Ugh.

BuzzerAug. 20, 1110:02 AM

No Flip-Flops because they're inappropriate attire? Half the women downtown for a game have on some type of designer sandals (flip-flops). How ridiculous is that to regulate footwear while riding in a they'll require socks to mid-calf...public employees live in a different world.

merkinAug. 20, 1110:07 AM

Just what we need - as if the cars who pull in front of you and cut across traffic against the lights aren't enough. Ugh.

I corrected your post for you.

loringcafeAug. 20, 1110:23 AM

Love the pedicabs! Just not sure how much I like the idea of my daily bike commute being slowed because of them in the bike lanes during rush hour.

MaxpayneAug. 20, 1110:56 AM flip flops for the DRIVERS. But i don't see what the deal is with the alcohol ban for the passengers. So what?


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