Cycling pride propels rain gear maker

  • Article by: TODD NELSON , Special to the Star Tribune
  • Updated: August 21, 2011 - 10:13 PM

Bike culture and Minneapolis lakes inspired O2 Rainwear's newest designs and brand makeover.

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aviendhaAug. 21, 1111:45 PM

You had me right up until I read, "To help stay competitive, Ziskin moved production to China..." Browsing O2 Rainwear's website, their products range in price from $31 to $190. $190, really? And you can't find an American to sew a jacket for that price and still stay competitive? Competitive with who, all the other companies outsourcing their jobs to China? No thanks. If you want to show pride in Minnesota, then maybe you should think about investing in the state instead of just taking our money.

rysauAug. 22, 11 6:47 AM

Avienda, get back to us after you try your hand at making something on a production scale. I love how people make silly blanket statements without any knowledge.

upnorthmnAug. 22, 11 6:58 AM

You had me until "made in china."

mutt10RAug. 22, 11 7:45 AM

See the documentary "Last Train Home" to better understand what "made in China" means. It will make you appreciate unions.

winsettzAug. 22, 11 8:00 AM

Ever think that the fabric in question is expensive? That said, a rain jacket at that price is definitely a little rich for my blood. I definitely wish more manufacturers would come here to the states-but the wages here are just too darn high, plus things like health care. Taxes are a third to salary, since taxes are always pegged to a percentage of the salary, and if they cost a company too much, how much do you think the salary is? Perhaps we'll make Minnesota "Low Wage High Industry Zones" and work skilled manufacturing jobs for the Federal Minimum Wage, or less. Maybe that'll "bring back" Minnesota industry?

winsettzAug. 22, 11 8:03 AM

Satire: Funny how everybody only supports entrepreneurship until they're forced to move to China, because workers demand wages they can live on.

aviendhaAug. 22, 11 8:40 AM

Silly blanket statement? The United States used to be a leader in manufacturing. Did all the jobs move because we suddenly just got really bad at it? Uh, no, it moved because company executives like Riskin decided they wanted their labor costs to be 1/10th what it is here, without having to provide unnecessary luxuries like federally mandated work breaks, a minimum wage or a safe working environment. Rysau, YOU get back to us when you spend 10 hours a day working for 25 cents an hour. I'm sorry, but you cannot tell me that there's so little profit margin in a $100 or a $200 jacket that it needs to be made in China to make up for it. What a load of BS. And quite frankly, everyone who thinks it's a good idea to move all our labor to third-world countries to take advantage of their slave wages is apparently unaware that by getting rid of all of OUR living wage jobs, our country is soon going to become third-world as well. Talk about not knowing anything about business!

chris2010Aug. 22, 11 9:00 AM

Yes, it would be nice to manufacture in the USA. However, it puts the product into an elite price range. You don't like this model, talk with Walmart. O2 has the best product on the market. I have two rain jackets for biking, the O2 is 1/3 the price of the other brand (based in Portland and made in China)and 10x the jacket... breathable, water-proof, light weight. You want to have a discussion about manufacturing in the USA, be my guest. But, don't focus on O2. At least they started manufacturing here and want to get back here - that's more than you can say about a lot of companies.

upnorthmnAug. 22, 11 9:01 AM

There are mukluks and jackets that are still completely made in Ely, MN, USA that people are whiling to pay higher prices for.

wakeupmplsAug. 22, 11 9:21 AM

Thank you high labor cost of Unions and O2 greed. Made in China means no sale to this Minnesotan. I will tell everybody I know where this product is made.


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