Perry: Theory on manmade global warming unproven, based on scientists manipulating data

  • Article by: STEVE PEOPLES , Associated Press
  • Updated: August 18, 2011 - 3:30 AM
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itsmyboatAug. 17, 11 9:55 AM

The worlds scientsts all got together to perpetrate the global warming hoax, and the best course of action for the US to take to crawl out from under Bush's Great Recession is to walk away from our debts, debts that we clearly have the capacity to easily pay? So, when Perry and Bachmann team up to form the GOP Tea Party dream ticket, tell me, which one is provifding the brain?

mankatovikinAug. 17, 1110:37 AM

Here they come!!! The paid group of global warming deniers. They will try to mislead you with pseudo science with vaguely sounding minnesota usernames. They will throw out red herrings like proposed ice ages, the past winter, falsified data, sun flares, and volcanos. They are like the chinese government propagandists but get paid better. The only question is will they get the alert or did the tribune not mark this as global warming?

Redsun1909Aug. 17, 1110:53 AM

Lots of government money in global warming/climate change.

cpunksAug. 17, 1110:54 AM

Great news! If Rick Perry says Global Warming doesn't exist, then it must not exist! Years of scientific research that has been peer-reviewed and independently confirmed by many groups. Damn those scientists and their left-wing agenda, trying to protect the environment with their "research" and "science". If God wanted us to protect the environment, he would have written it in the Bible!

changeagent2010Aug. 17, 1111:07 AM

As Obama has learned the hard way -- It's easy to say this sort of stuff on the campaign trail & hard to make it stick once in the Oval office. Also note that Mr Perry knows it's safe to spout such stuff away from his home state but might get an unsupportive reaction in front of the home crowd -- same as TPaw and Mitt. Chicago isn't the only area with a political machine so powerful it can get a guy elected who the voters don't really like. Texas could give lessons and I think Mr Tom DeLay & K.Rove did.

roadtoruinAug. 17, 1111:30 AM

He probably doesn't believe in Santa Claus, the Easter Bunny, the Tooth Fairy or any other myths as well.

elind56Aug. 17, 1112:19 PM

Finally! A serious candidate with the moroccos to call this sham out for what it is. I struggle mightily with Perry's brand of social conservatism and some other issues, but this is landmark.

dave22vAug. 17, 1112:42 PM

He's obviously not a fan of scientific evidence. Don't let the facts stop ya!!!! He believes that man made global warming is a fraud which contradicts the established scientific consensus. He also believes in creationism which contradicts the established scientific consensus.

ballsonryeAug. 17, 1112:44 PM

elind56 - sad...

nlamom1Aug. 17, 1112:45 PM

Of course! Republicans downplay the importance of education, and then claim anything they don't understand isn't true. If it's not as simple as proving gravity with falling apples, it's beyond their comprehension.


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