U custodial changes save, frustrate

  • Article by: Jenna Ross , Star Tribune
  • Updated: August 16, 2011 - 6:11 PM
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clnorthAug. 16, 11 5:52 PM

"It is absolutely going to destroy that pride that people have in an area," said Sue Mauren, the principal officer for Teamsters Local 320, which represents the custodians." If you can't take pride in the work you do for $60,000 per year, I am sure we can find someone that will.

antonmnAug. 16, 11 6:11 PM

Eh, we don't need middle-class jobs anymore. I'd rather make sure the administrators get their raises!!

oglethorpieAug. 16, 11 6:13 PM

Every afternoon at 4:30 a girl comes in and empties my waste basket. That's it. That's the extent of janitorial service I see at the U. Except she didn't come today. It must have been her day off.

furry1Aug. 16, 11 6:20 PM

Um, can you have pride in a larger area, or is there a limit on that sort of thing? Personally I don't see a lot of difference between working alone in a smaller area and working as part of a team on a larger area. (presumably switching duties on a schedule so nobody gets bored.) I can see liking the ability to get to know the other staff in a given area, but you can do that under the new plan as well.

redstarsuxAug. 16, 11 6:38 PM

60k per person for janitor duties. Not surprising given the U of M and the unions that "self serve" it. Those that pay tuition to the U...are you paying attention?

jonesy099Aug. 16, 11 6:57 PM

$60,000? where did you get that amount??? The starting pay for a U of M custodian is $12.50 per hour. After 30 years the most you can make is $38,000 per year. Wages have been frozen and the share of benefits paid by workers has gone up. Most custodians take pride in their work, strip and wax floors, shovel all of the snow, and provide security for the buildings. 350 people take care of an area equal to all of the office space in downtown Minneapolis. The current facilities management administration is populated by people who make 100-200k per year and keep making terrible decisions. If you want to target waste, quit looking at lower-middle class workers and start taking on the fat cats.

ranger78Aug. 16, 11 7:07 PM

Umm, just why do taxpayers fund union janitors? The entire private sector figured out years ago that janitors are not a core competency and outsourced it. Leave it to the public sector to not figure out the obvious.

sfod93Aug. 16, 11 7:18 PM

Make those receiving stipends and scholarships "earn" their handouts with a bit of manual labor.

beezer1Aug. 16, 11 8:04 PM

some of the comments here are perfect examples of why this country is in trouble, let's all cheer when our blue collar neighbor loses his job or gets taken down a notch, because every informed citizen knows that the american middle class are just a bunch of fat cats.

mowjo1Aug. 16, 11 8:10 PM

"The union says it is less accountable; a custodian won't develop relationships with a building's quirks." Having recruited at the U of M many times I can assure you the current janitors haven't developed any relationship with the building or it's "quirks" Lights left on all day long without anyone in the room, leaking toilets and urinals wasting hundreds of gallons of water. And this isn't just one occurrence, I personally witnessed this 3 times. I notified personnel but it obviously fell on deaf ears. For this type of work, $38K with benefits and a pension is darn good. As Ranger 78 stated, it could be outsourced in a nanosecond for less thus saving the taxpayers money.


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