Young and disillusioned by American politics

  • Updated: August 16, 2011 - 9:26 PM

Inspired in 2008, young Americans now feel manipulated and betrayed.

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my4centsAug. 16, 1111:25 PM

It's time to grow up Michael. What is it that makes you feel entitled to other people's money through Pell grants, subsidized loans, and increasing government money in public education? Many of us "baby boomers" paid for our own education and are now paying for our kids to be educated. Why should we be compelled to pay for you as well?

themostancieAug. 16, 1111:47 PM

"Many of us "baby boomers" paid for our own education and are now paying for our kids to be educated." Many of us "baby boomers" went through systems where 70% of the costs were born by the government as opposed to 35% now...but refuse to face up to the facts. If you think your school wasn't subsidized, post the year, the school, and let's see if you're you won't!

redqidAug. 17, 1112:35 AM

Here are a few policies that would benefit america. Run a balanced budget including a surplus in good times. End the wars that are 40% financed with debt bought by China. Close tax loopholes for the rich.

bernice3Aug. 17, 1112:59 AM

It's not so much the Boomers who are sucking the life out of our economy as it is the top 10% of earners who, with the willing help of Congress and others who have been duped by the Right, have arrogated so much of the country's wealth to themselves that students, the poor, the disabled and elderly and foreclosed-upon homeless no longer have enough to live in some semblance of dignity. I hope the writer will become an organizer and help lead a return to fair and progressive taxation, stronger regulation and the end of corporate tax loopholes, the end of the foolish world-wide War on Terror, fully funded health care and higher ed for all, and JOBS in clean energy, infrastructure and environmental protections that can rebuild our economy and our country.

godandgunsAug. 17, 11 2:02 AM

"It's difficult to say this about our elders. But, in effect, the Baby Boomers have enjoyed and will continue to enjoy social welfare programs -- from their parents' G.I. Bill to today's Medicare Part D -- paid for through debts and cuts borne by their descendants." -- You seem very young and naive. It wasn't until the end of your column that I realized, yes, this is how some yuppies spend their money--$40,000/ year to indoctin----errr, educate their children in our finest universities. Yes, you are right about your baby boomer parents. They, being the most selfish and self-indulgent generation in the history of the planet, have literally borrowed from their children and grand children to guarantee their lil house of cards remains standing as long as they are alive. The great fraud is alive and well. Good luck in your future, son. You are among millions who will finally not have a brighter future than your parents did. Thank a yuppie for that.

boss09Aug. 17, 11 5:48 AM

Of course Obama used you to get elected. That was easy to see in 2008.

glumpsAug. 17, 11 6:16 AM

Baby-Boomers are easily the luckiest generation in the history of the world. We have enjoyed the fruits of the sacrifices of the preceding generation, and have done little to benefit future generations. In fact, we have given future generations the collective finger. Through sheer strength of numbers, we are a force no politician can ignore. And as we age and begin voting more regularly, you can be sure that our needs will be at the very top of the list. We have only just begun to screw you over.

annie54Aug. 17, 11 6:17 AM

It IS a shocker when you mature enough to realize that it is not an ideal world. The pleasures and opportunities you enjoyed in your youth all were paid for in some manner, either in taxes or through volunteers, etc. Now it's your turn to get out there and make a difference for the world. Go after opportunities, or better yet, make opportunities happen for yourself and for others. Don't be waiting for someone to provide a program for you, because now, that someone else is YOU!

gobigblueAug. 17, 11 6:18 AM

Many of us "baby boomers" paid for our own education... SURE you did when it cost a couple grand a year for college. Spare me the line of "well money was worth a lot more then" of course it was, but by any standard your education was cheap cheap cheap. Of course you like to gloss that over because after all you're SO special (the ME generation right?) and EVERYTHING you've done in the course of your life has been SO hard that we as a country now really just need to follow your example. If we all just have it as HARD as you did, it means we're on the right course... right?

sarahanneAug. 17, 11 6:42 AM

My generation has been the most irresponsible generation. It is comparable to a parent who gives the car to his kid and tells them this car is yours now. And by the way you owe more on it then what we paid for and we have not maintained it so it will breakdown continuously. But we enjoyed it when it was new.


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