Pawlenty mum on what's next; fans see a future

  • Article by: RACHEL E. STASSEN-BERGER , Star Tribune
  • Updated: August 14, 2011 - 10:32 PM

Supporters say the former governor will have chances to get back into the political ring before long. Senate run is a possibility in 2014.

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maddyinmplsAug. 14, 1110:30 PM

This report completely misses the real story. Pawlenty can never run in MN, again. He pretty much screwed everyone close to him because he believed he was something more than he was: One lucky SOB who won two terms as governor. No mandate in either race. No cadre of people who would die for him. A very weird, self-absorbed politician, indeed. Somebody will give Pawlenty a token job, because that's all he's qualified for. The guy -- and his wife -- have always earned their livings off the public dole, be it serving in elected office or practicing law for public sector clients. [Or in the case of Mary, as a judge, and before that, also a lawyer who fed off public sector (taxpayer-funded) clients.] He was the worst kind of Republican to run for president. For any reporter(s) to think Pawlenty is viable, again, statewide, is to flatter Pawlenty in a way he's never earned.

webbswebAug. 14, 1110:35 PM

He still has fans? Amazing! Does this mean the smirk will still be there?

dougl35534Aug. 14, 1110:44 PM

Future? Go where all good little conservatives Faux.

hockeydadmnAug. 14, 1110:56 PM

U.S. Senate in 2012 - Amy is not productive and Al is hopeless, so we need to change both Senators in 2012 and 2014.

philgorngieAug. 15, 11 3:34 AM

A weak McCain type RINO who would lose to Obama because he is too wimpy and talks like a politician. We need leaders who speak frankly.

norselandcAug. 15, 11 4:23 AM

What? No committee to explore the possibilities of ending the campaign? No taking things under advisement? No 45-day window to make an announcement? I guess you don't come down the mountain at the same pace you went up it.

thecolonel63Aug. 15, 11 5:36 AM

Pawlenty was elected governor twice, so at least 50.1% of Minnesotan's like the guy. There are law firms that will pay him a lot of money, because he has contacts at the state and federal level, both public and private that few have. Running for governor is a long shot, but remember Perpich? You might hold the guy in contempt, but you are the 49.9%.

chavistaAug. 15, 11 7:35 AM

thecolonel63 Aug. 15, 11 5:36 AM "Pawlenty was elected governor twice, so at least 50.1% of Minnesotan's like the guy." Based upon your post, name, and lack of knowledge of facts you must have been a light colonel in the military. For your information, Tim Pawlenty received 44.4% of the vote in 2002 and 46.7% of the vote in 2006. He has never had the support of 50.1% of Minnesota citizens and today his approval rating is probably in the 30s. If he wants to run for Senate, that's great, but I doubt he could win an election for rat catcher anywhere in Minnesota today.

joycen62Aug. 15, 11 7:38 AM

The man raised over 4 million dollars in his short sprint for President. How much is left?

cheeznriceAug. 15, 11 7:57 AM

Of all the luck...T-Paw needs a job at the very same time the GOP legislature in his home state spent the last session with a "laser-like" focus on jobs. So he comes home to a Minnesota flush with jobs from all those "job creators." He can pick from any number of jobs because.....oh wait...never mind.....I think he can be a Tea barista.


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