Joe Christensen's Twins Insider: Hot corner becomes a concern

  • Article by: JOE CHRISTENSEN , Star Tribune
  • Updated: August 8, 2011 - 12:25 AM

Danny Valencia is doing his job at the plate, but the team is frustrated about a ho-hum attitude on defense.

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njc264isbackAug. 8, 1112:44 AM

Garza, Slowey, Valencia: All talented players, who along with self-confidence, can think for themselves. Something that scares the Twins immensely.

njc264isbackAug. 8, 1112:48 AM

And forgive me but this is BUSH to once again be parroting what the FO and "field staff's" (that is no accident I put the field staff in quote either) opinion of Valencia is. Where is the criticism of 4/5th's of the STARTING ROTATION? Where is the critcism of Delmon Young? Where is the criticism of the 23M singles hitter? Where is the criticism of the abhorrent bullpen? Finally, where is the criticism of the ghastly play from Nishioka? But oh yea, it's all Danny's fault we just got swept. Give me a bleepin break.

njc264isbackAug. 8, 1112:49 AM

Sorry, add Plouffe to that list before. Been 10 games since Casilla went down and Plouffe has only started 4, while that low-rent "hustle buddy" tolbert has started 6. PATHETIC!

JohnnyKAug. 8, 11 1:02 AM

How sad is it that his guy thinks hitting .270 is an amazing feat. Attitudes like this are why we are over 10 games out. Mediocrity should not be an aspiration !

icetigerAug. 8, 11 1:11 AM

Last. Straw. The only correct line in the whole story is the one that states that Valencia should be one of the last areas of concern right now. Simply put, he doesn't fit Gardenhire's mold. See ya. If you know what's good for you, Danny, ask out. I've got a stat for you - Valencia leads the league in "getting wrongly blamed for losing games by his pathetic manager". Gardy is not a "players manager", he is a "certain players manager". There is a huge difference.

dainirAug. 8, 11 1:20 AM

I think Danny is just going through growing pains. He's doing a good job in his sophomore campaign at the plate, his fielding is shaky but considering how Nishioka and Young play, that shouldn't be problem. On the twins site I saw it suggested he just needs some competition for his position and I agree. Mauer should learn third, and maybe give Hughes a little more practice there.

zhangguotaoAug. 8, 11 1:21 AM

I'm sure Gardy's right about Valencia--he knows this better than I. But watching this series against Chicago was frustrating beyond the 3rd base person. The Twins scored 4 runs and threw more than 140 pitches in each game. Clutch hitting is out of the question (Cuddyer's hell on wheels with two outs and no one on base--he'll hit a lowly single for sure--but with one out and a runner at 1st he's gonna ground into a double play every time) If I could bench the players I thought needed a day off (or the rest of the season off) the whole Rochester team would have to play. Sorry, I needed to vent

huckfinnAug. 8, 11 3:03 AM

I definitely agree with Gardy. However, as usual, I can't understand why Gardy is so willing to discuss Valencia's shortcomings with the press. Just keep working with the kid and helping him improve and keep the discussions and opinions private. Why does Gardy seem to feel the need to talk to the press about Valencia all the time--it doesn't make Gardy look more in command, it makes him look bad too.

Buddy_GrantAug. 8, 11 4:14 AM

Valencia has had a rough year like so many Twins (well, most of them), but I don't understand how some Twins (Capps, Delmon, Nishi for example) get a free pass from Gardy while he nit-picks other players on a regular basis. Another guy that Gardy seemed to have it in for was Jason Bartlett - he always was doing something wrong, but fortunately for Bartlett the Twins traded him to a team that appreciated his talent. I fear the various "Gardy concerns" about Valencia the last 2 seasons mean he's going to be traded away for absolutely nothing this off-season.

hugelatsAug. 8, 11 5:04 AM

This reminds me of all the grief they gave Marty Cordova his second year about how he should hit for more power. The team was playing horse-____ but rather than solve THAT they singled out (and eventually ran off) one of their better players.


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