Happy 50th, Mr. President. Don't buy an AARP membership.

  • Article by: SUSAN HOGAN , Star Tribune
  • Updated: August 3, 2011 - 8:04 PM
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crystalbayAug. 3, 11 8:45 PM

My leading objection to AARP (I've been bombarded to join for 17 years) is that it's pushing an immoral product: United Health Group supplemental policies. Sold its soul to the devil. Now then, IMO, they owe it to seniors to be a clearing house for such products, NOT promote just this one.

butterfly61Aug. 3, 11 9:10 PM

My father checked out the "special rate" car insurance. It wasn't any cheaper than his existing policy.

jrspacemanAug. 3, 11 9:15 PM

I've been bombarded with AARP mailings since I turned 50. I never joined, and it never stops. Turning 50 wasn't bad. Getting those mailings as a reminder of my age is.

DufferHAug. 4, 1112:08 AM

AARP is a sham. It is nothing but an arm of the Democratic Party. A hunk of your membership goes to their lobbying efforts. They pushed national health care with a vengeance, not revealing that their insurance business would profit greatly from it. As far as the discounts they brag about, you can get the same or better discounts through your AAA membership or other organizations. I tore up my card a long time ago.

reefungorioAug. 4, 11 3:05 AM

I wonder if he's started getting the emails from AARP telling him to call Obama to push universal health care?

SupervonAug. 4, 11 4:34 AM

I can't think of a more socialist self-serving operation than AARP. They only thing they promote is to take more from the government while their group is the largest holder of wealth in our society. But, the bleeding heart Liberals can't wait to get on the AARP gravy train instead of taking them to court to remove their non-profit status due to conflict of interest.

upnortfanAug. 4, 11 5:49 AM

Hello? Anyone with a memory? Obama gave 19 million to AARP for what I don't remember. Hello AARP is a non profit. Hello AARP shills for United Health Care (A Profit HC Insurance) Hello AARP shills for Hartford (An Insurance CO) Hello can you say duplicitous? I had the AARP Insurance, and canceled as soon as Obama signed over the money to AARP. Yes Canceled the subscription (and gave them a piece of my mind when they asked why) To me AARP is nothing more than another arm of the Democratic Party. Want to support the Democrats then let us quit saying AARP is A non Profit. They just are another earmark for the Democratic Party. Any Rebuttals?

luv2lisnAug. 4, 11 9:19 AM

Wow, such vitriol. I've been a member of AARP for 18 years. Sure I get their offers, sure the promote their private affiliations, sure I look at them and reject them when I think I can do better, and seems to be almost all the time. Compare auto rates? Yup, I still have American family. Health supplement? Yup, but not United Health care. Is this some big problem specific to AARP? Nope, I still get marketing from J C Whitney, and they said I will be taken off their mailing list if I don't respond. They have been telling me that for over 25 years. Do I hate J C Whitney? Nope. And neither do I have a problem with AARP. I read their magazine, I read their notices, sometimes I even respond to their lobbying requests and sign their petitions, but why would I get so upset as to quit the membership. Nope, this article is just a bit over the top, she should find something worthwhile to write about next time.

BrewmanAug. 4, 1110:07 AM

AARP makes a profit when their members purchase teh products they endorse. In addition to the profit that the company backing the product makes. This is why their offerings are often of questionable value. You could buy the same product outside of AARP and not pay AARP's markup. Why they choose not to pass along any savings on this stuff to their members is an interesting question.

MNgolfnutAug. 4, 1110:33 AM

To the AARP mailings bashers, I prefer to view things things this way. While, yes, I agree AARP definitely goes overboard in its volume of mailings, at least they are a good source (possibly even #1) of revenue for the USPS which helps save a few jobs anyway. Secondly, I'm able to get good usage from my shredder which eventually goes to recycling so I'm doing my small part for the ecology.


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