Loved ones honored at I-35W dedication

  • Article by: MARY LYNN SMITH , Star Tribune
  • Updated: August 2, 2011 - 2:47 PM

Friends and families of those who died in the 2007 bridge collapse gathered Monday to dedicate the memorial.

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cpmn316Aug. 1, 1111:52 PM

I do not mean to sound uncaring, but I don't get the memorial. The victims weren't heroes, they were just in the wrong place at the wrong time. Do we construct memorials for people killed one at a time on our highways?

timv11Aug. 2, 11 1:02 AM

cpmn316,Well actually we usually do construct memorials at accident scenes.They may not be all that elaborate but even a simple flower or a cross at an accident scene is a memorial.I drive by a memorial every day to and from work.It is about 8 miles or so south of Rochester on US Highway 63.It is where a drunk driver broadsided a van and killed 5 of the 6 people in the van.There are 5 crosses there to signify it as well as stuffed animals and flowers.This has been there for more than 3 years.Memorials are made for loved ones or whoever so chooses to have a place to go to or look at to remember that person.Most people are in the wrong place at the wrong time and you don't need to be a hero to have a memorial constructed for you.

jessy09Aug. 2, 11 2:44 AM

Did Tim Pawlenty attend this ceremony or is he too busy trying to save his flagging political campaign?

SupervonAug. 2, 11 5:40 AM

I see the Liberals can't wait to use this for attacking the Conservatives. Great job. You are such wonderful citizens.

bmcwAug. 2, 11 6:56 AM

@supervon "I see the Liberals can't wait to use this for attacking the Conservatives. Great job. You are such wonderful citizens." --- I don't see any other commenter attacking a political party except for YOU. A pot calling a kettle black! Keep up your great citizenship and support of the community.

mkl0115krrAug. 2, 11 7:15 AM

RIP..sad situation!

kinghiberniaAug. 2, 11 7:27 AM

cpmn316: Excellent observations and comments. As usual, Mpls and MN goes over the top, again. Did the taxpayers pay for the fuel for all of the emergency vehicles, for the salaries of the city\county\state personnel who attended this event? Way to go Minnesota, again!!!!

mutt10RAug. 2, 11 7:34 AM

The collapse was a sad, but avoidable event and it is one to remember and learn from. It demonstrates the damage that can happen when political ideology trumps responsible civic stewardship.

Marilyn41Aug. 2, 11 7:46 AM

My son was the sous chef at the Grandma's restaurant near the 35W bridge, and though he was exhausted from having been at work since 6 o'clock that morning, he and his co-workers made sandwiches for Red Cross volunteers who were at the scene of the collapsed bridge. Now my son has his own memorials——he died two years ago. I believe that until one has experienced the loss of one so dear, one has no right to judge whether a memorial is appropriate or not.

ejbonnAug. 2, 11 8:00 AM

I think a plaque and bench area would have been far more appropriate. I think this whole garden, lit up water fountain and 13 pillars is way over the top. Nobody attacked us. This is not 911 or Pearl Harbor. It was a worn out, poorly constructed bridge. The memorials seen on the side of roads are from those that are closest to the victims. MNDOT is not putting up little memorials for every accident casualty. I do not mean to be callous either but now a cash strapped city or county or whatever is left to care for this entire area. Just does not make sense to me.


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