School aid delay comes with some extra costs

  • Article by: NORMAN DRAPER , Star Tribune
  • Updated: July 26, 2011 - 10:26 PM

Minnesota's $700 million shift means millions more in borrowing for districts already on the edge.

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outoftheboxJul. 26, 11 8:25 PM

If borrowing is such a good idea, we should have borrowed from the ones that could afford it. Lets start borrowing from the wealthy. When they create enough new jobs to line the state coffers, then they could be paid back.

jmek54Jul. 26, 11 8:29 PM

Shame on you politicians, for putting financially-strapped schools (due to your previous "can kicking")into an even more perilous predicament! But, then again, what can we expect from a group of "leaders" whose childish bickering has led to the longest state government shutdown in U.S. history?

jimatelyJul. 26, 11 8:43 PM

This isn't a shift its a theft. Our little school district cannot afford to borrow money. The administration at our schools consists of 4 people. Teaching positions could be lost just because of the intrest. Hopefully some one will sue the state to recover this money this year.

acatloverJul. 26, 11 8:51 PM

Now let's all remember next election time whose budget bill this was the Governor Dayton agreed to in order to get Minnesota back to work. Thanks Republicans, how your party can sleep at night knowing you borrowed from schools in order to protect the rich is beyond me!!

kojack45Jul. 26, 11 9:01 PM

Umm..perhaps the the government needs to stop all these deductions from people that have all these children. The baby boomers have retired and do not want to pay all these taxes for other peoples children. They did their due and now they are done.

rulisteningJul. 26, 11 9:09 PM

Now don't forget, you schools will still be expected to do more than you did last year, even though you won't be given the money to fund the initiatives and test scores the government expects. Maybe instead of paying Pearson millions of dollars to create the MCA tests and Spee-Dee Delivery millions of dollars to deliver them and pick them up, some of that money can replace the money that was stolen from the districts so they can actually afford to pay teachers to TEACH the students instead of TEST them. The cow doesn't get any fatter just because you keep putting him on the scale. I'm just sayin'...

manitoulinJul. 26, 11 9:32 PM

Maybe banks that took TARP money could show their gratitude to middle-class taxpayers by giving schools interest free loans.

wplettfanJul. 26, 11 9:39 PM

When the scores aren't where they need to be, the republicans know they can point at teachers and say "it's their fault." Unfortunately, 90% of you out there will agree.

conlibJul. 26, 11 9:42 PM

Kojack45 the generation before the baby boomers helped put the baby boomer's kids through school and now it is the baby boomers turn to help. Oh wait I forgot that the baby boomers don't come close to the greatest generation. The baby boomers (and I am one of them) should be renamed the greed generation. We should be ashamed of ourselves.

skramsvJul. 26, 11 9:43 PM

Remember this come election day. Remember how YOUR elected representatives SOLD you out. They sold your children out. They cost this state Billions. They cost small businesses millions if not a billion across the state. Remember that these same elected officials determined that some animals are much more equal than others. They are not interested in governing to protect the rights and welfare of the people, they are only interested in serving up riches for their masters.


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