Before U2 show, Bono weighs in on Somalia's famine fight

  • Article by: CHRIS RIEMENSCHNEIDER , Star Tribune
  • Updated: July 24, 2011 - 12:17 PM

Frontman offers support to a group of Minnesotans working to aid the African nation.

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forpeopleJul. 23, 1110:27 PM

Let's hope we can all find ways to help Somalia. It's interesting that a little charitable giving and volunteer work seems to help us live longer too. What is good for heart and soul is good for the body.

akmscottJul. 23, 1111:47 PM

I'm sure Bono feels real good about himself now!Maybe he'll sing a song and sell recordings for helping them.As long as it don't come directly from his bank account,

nagelJul. 23, 1111:50 PM

Great that Bono brought K'naan up at the show. I saw K'naan at the Fine Line a few years ago and there was a great showing of Somalians in the room...he spoke Somalian a few times between songs...he just seems to be a great ambassador for his home country. Good on Bono to see that.

grizzly2011Jul. 24, 1112:51 AM

Bono and U2 are HYPOCRITES! They are TAX DODGERS. They moved their record catalog out of their home country of Ireland to the Netherlands to pay a lower tax rate all while demanding that Irish and industrialized taxpayers send more money to Africa. A few years ago Bono purchased a $15 million Manhattan apartment, adding to his collection of many luxurious, expensive homes around the globe. They spew tons and tons of CARBON DIOXIDE into the environment to hold this concert tour to make MONEY $$$ for themselves even though they are already rich. If Bono cared about the "poor" Africans or the environment, he would GIVE his OWN money away and NOT go on tour to make even more money. He would SELL his mansions and GIVE that money away to help the poor. How many Africans could be vaccinated, fed, and housed with the money from just ONE of Bono's homes like his $15 million apartment?

david999Jul. 24, 11 2:36 AM

Maybe Bono and the rest of his band will pay taxes to help out instead of using tax havens. Bono is all talk.

xpopeyeJul. 24, 11 7:04 AM

I'm 58. Ever since I was a small child, these people have been starving. What have we done? We ignore a permanent solution and just throw money and food at the problem. Maybe, just maybe, we should spend that cash on irrigation equipment and farm machinery, and teach these folks how to grow food. THEY get equipment and skills and a way to survive; WE have to put someone back to work to build a new tractor, etc.; and, Bono can go back to just making $ Millions while prompting his "Look At Me" tour.

duronJul. 24, 11 7:17 AM

grizzly2011, you're right on point and I think Oprah should be included. Bono must have a pretty smart manager or agent or whatever to come up with the feed the people of the world with everyone else's money but his. Just think of all the free advertising and promoting Bono get's from the news media based on the premise of feed a starving world, one very simple thing would be for him to pay taxes, which in turn would help feed many in the country that receives those tax dollars.

ranger1873Jul. 24, 11 7:23 AM

Paid your taxes yet, Bono? The rest of us have to.

peteandrogerJul. 24, 11 7:39 AM

Blah, blah, blah.....He sure can "talk the talk". Too bad he can't "put his money where his mouth is". Typical hypocrite liberal.

langton4Jul. 24, 11 7:41 AM

"Paid your taxes yet, Bono? The rest of us have to." -- And, heaven knows, it's all about you. The criticism of Bono's work by people who have done nothing, given nothing, is typical. Everything comes down to them.


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