Pawlenty going for broke in Iowa

  • Article by: KEVIN DIAZ , Star Tribune
  • Updated: July 22, 2011 - 3:04 PM

Despite setbacks and tough competition, the former Minnesota governor is sticking to his plan to win over Iowa Republicans.

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duckfeetJul. 21, 1110:32 PM

He had his chance. He could have stood toe-to-toe with Romney in that last debate. The questioner "softballed" him a couple of "Obamneycare" questions and Pawlenty backed off like a timid child. He was done right then and there! Sorry Tim, next time either keep your mouth shut or be ready to step up with your big boy pants!

e9999999Jul. 21, 1110:35 PM

he might have mentioned that the country is in trouble because it was mismanaged by bush republicans, that the right wants economic woes and isn't hiring to create the impression the dems are at fault, that all individuals at the top of the dept of justice, including fine and mueller, should have been replaced in 2008--perhaps obama's worst error in judgement, that he suffers from the same inability to negotiate or understand that plagued bush, and that there is a serious case of willful ignorance in the conservative strains of the federal judiciary exacerbating the problems, and that the DHS, along with the DOJ, is filled with a bunch of jerks.

Mister_EJul. 21, 1110:39 PM

The writer is being too tactful when he says Pawlenty is "conspicuously offering to buy the tickets and provide rides for all potential straw poll voters." My reading is that he has so little support that he's now stooping to buy votes. How the mighty-in-his-own-mind has fallen.

joedanaborJul. 21, 1110:41 PM

The headline should say "Pawlenty going broke in Iowa".

factcheckrJul. 21, 1110:53 PM

Odd, he "went for broke" here in Minnesota too, and he "won", and we ARE

nicolaswillJul. 21, 1110:55 PM

Funny how the ONLY non-fatty in that photo is T-Paw.

counter545Jul. 21, 1110:58 PM

Stick a fork in Pawlenty - he's done. Perhaps he is the only one who thinks he isn't. He wouldn't even win his home state - all he did during his tenure was foolish money shifting, financial trickery, a slip and slide of funds here and there, and more and more and more borrowing.

e9999999Jul. 21, 1110:59 PM

the right wing intelligentsia spouts a lot of absurdities, enough to make someone wonder whether they're truly idiotic. i think it's more likely that they don't believe what they say/don't have the beliefs they profess to have, though are weak, in the way conventional thinkers often are, and take positions aligned with self-interest because they lack integrity.

tflinnJul. 21, 1111:04 PM

Pawlenty was done before he began. Bachman has already staked out the far right, and the tea party. Romney has the moderate conservatives. Pawlenty cannot get left of Romney and get votes. Good luck trying to get right of Bachman. Pawlenty has no where to go for votes.

forpeopleJul. 21, 1111:08 PM

Is this poetic justice? Pawlenty left Minnesota broke and now he is going broke. I must say this makes me rather happy. I wonder why no one brings up Pawlenty's appointment of the incompetent politician Carol Molnau as Commissioner of Transportation and the resulting deaths on 35W. Or how about the way, Pawlenty pulled the rug out from under the feet of veterans who relied on Minnesota's government for some of their medical care. Be gone Pawlenty! Better sooner than later.


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