Editorial: New budget rests on shaky structure

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  • Updated: July 20, 2011 - 7:17 PM

Flawed financing plan ought to compel reform.

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eman2002Jul. 20, 11 7:27 PM

I wonder if the Office on the Economic Status of Women is still in existence. Funded by the Legislature to lobby the Legislature for women, it costs around $150,000 per year. Apparently legislators haven't heard of the "mancession."

wbgleasonJul. 20, 11 7:59 PM

It's very obvious. The GOP plan is to drown the state government in the bathtub. Unacceptable. The only solution is to regain sanity by returning the state house to the control of the DFL in 2012. Otherwise...more gridlock. And eventually economic starvation for Minnesotans.

goferfanzJul. 20, 11 8:04 PM

Oddly, dealing with hundreds of people from all aspects of life this week--->I have NOT heard one person commenting (pro or con) on the ending of the budget impasse, much less how it was achieved. I believe the Strib has fallen into the same apathy hole that Dayton fell into when he went outstate to promote his budget = and found zzzzzzz's instead. The budgets excite a few thousand activists at each spectrum, but most of MN marches on with their lives. I think there is a moral to this story. I think it was there 11/2/10. I think it will reappear in 11/2012.

sbuffalo45Jul. 20, 11 8:26 PM

Some people live in big houses. Some people live in small houses or apartments. The workers need living space. That's why we elected our leader, Mark Dayton, so he could redistribute the wealth through shared sacrifce and social justice! Soon, when the DFL regains control of the legislature, we will have a morte just society in Minnesota, like depicted in the film Dr. Zhivago.

savagedruidsJul. 20, 11 8:29 PM

Small-government conservatives? Didn't the budget increase 10%? I'd hate to see a big-gov conservative. Take it from THEM and give it to US.

aereteJul. 20, 11 8:38 PM

I would describe the bonding as nothing more than a pay day loan. The state just took a "hair cut" for a short-term fix. Eventually the day comes when you have to pay the piper. All around bad governance.

themarshotelJul. 20, 11 9:12 PM

So the Strib says it "ought to compel reform." Duh, that's what the GOP is trying to do here and in Wash, fought all the way by the leftists who will bring this country down with their wrongheaded politics. Capitalism, if you'd leave it alone, works for the greatest number of people. Socialism fails all of us.

clnorthJul. 20, 11 9:25 PM

"It's very obvious. The GOP plan is to drown the state government in the bathtub." It is very obvious that the state government bathtub can never be large enough for the left. They will never have enough revenue.

larrymickJul. 20, 11 9:33 PM

With the cuts the GOP had in their original budget yet spending was increased, where were the increases?

jollaguyJul. 20, 1110:09 PM

You and your fellow socialists are hell bent to redistribute no matter what. The consequences to states that cannot control their spending are evident throughout beginning with Ca., N.Y., Ohio, Ill. et al. Thank goodness Mn., unlike the National government, has to balance the budget even if the methods do not meet your preferences.


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